Trump's supporters aren't racist | Wikimedia
Trump’s sup­porters aren’t racist | Wiki­media

My hair­dresser is expecting to be fired because she voted for Donald Trump.

So far, her boss, who took five “grief” days off work fol­lowing the election, has demeaned, ignored, and – the real cherry on top – unfriended her on Facebook.

Across the country, other bosses and CEO’s are on witch-hunts to oust any Trump voters. Other voices are chastising Trump’s entire voter base. But making snap judg­ments about 62 million Amer­icans’ char­acter based on their ballot is poor judgment.

I did not vote for or against Trump based on any inflam­matory com­ments made. I voted for him because his prin­ciples and policies most closely match my own.

This is not a pop­u­larity contest, con­trary to what your average rioting mil­lennial-who-presently-hates-the-Elec­toral-College might believe. I say “presently” because if Bernie Sanders decided tomorrow that the Elec­toral College is the greatest thing since free sliced bread, those mil­len­nials probably would too.

Imagine the election results were flipped with Clinton cap­turing 270 elec­toral votes and Trump winning the popular vote. Those same Democrats would be singing the Elec­toral College’s praises, probably asking where they could apply to attend this pres­ti­gious uni­versity.

But the flavor of the day is to hate on the elec­toral system and call Trump voters racist, homo­phobic, misog­y­nistic, xeno­phobic scum of the earth. In true wishy-washy fashion, Democrats are failing to realize this name-calling is coun­ter­pro­ductive to their self-pro­fessed dogma of tol­erance.

Hillary ostra­cized voters by infa­mously labeling them “deplorables.” If the Democrat estab­lishment would like to snub even more potential voters, be my guest. But the data sup­porting their claims (like the data sup­porting their “high” like­lihood of winning the White House) is a farce. Citing clear election data, MSNBC’s Joe Scar­borough admitted that mil­lions of Amer­icans who voted for Obama, not once but twice, voted for Trump this time around. And you’d like to tell me that those who voted for an African-American are racist? Even left-wing pro­pa­ganda extra­or­di­naire Michael Moore agrees that claiming half of Amer­icans are racist bigots is non­sense.

Does racism exist today? Yes. But it’s not exclusive to one political per­suasion, nor is it as wide­spread as they would have you believe.

Is half of America out to get minorities, gays, and women with Trump as their Pied Piper? No.

Google defines a racist as “a person who believes that a par­ticular race is superior to another.” Trump has never once implied that whites are superior. Rather, he believes America’s sov­er­eignty and cit­izens’ safety take prece­dence over incor­po­rating as many immi­grants into society as pos­sible without effective screening. Trump isn’t a racist; he’s a nation­alist.

It’s dif­ficult to con­vince Democrats that Trump’s com­ments aren’t racist, simply because today’s “polit­i­cally correct” def­i­n­ition of racism is so rad­i­cally all-encom­passing. If we’re defining racism as any comment with potential to hurt feelings of any member of any minority, then we might as well be The Racist States of America. The real issue is that Democrats and Repub­licans define racism dif­fer­ently.

Degrading an indi­vidual because of race is abom­inable. I will never defend anyone who thinks it’s okay to belittle African Amer­icans because of their skin color or scream at Mex­icans to go back over the border. That is racism. But those on the left con­clude that deporting illegal immi­grants is racist. News­flash: that is not racism. Someone who breaks into your house can’t expect to just become part of the family.

I’m all for wel­coming legal immi­grants with patriotic inten­tions, but I’d rather not jeop­ardize my and my fellow Amer­icans’ security to avoid hurt feelings.

Amer­icans who voted for Trump are sick and tired of being demo­nized. Any Democrat who thinks con­tinued name-calling will somehow draw these voters back into the liberal fold is mis­guided. Go ahead, keep calling us racists. It shows the con­tinued hypocrisy of the “tol­erant” left, and, likely as not, it will only strengthen con­ser­v­ative voting ranks in 2020.

Ms. Murphy is a sophomore studying pol­itics and jour­nalism.