Howard Music Hall Chandler Lasch | Collegian
Howard Music Hall Chandler Lasch | Col­legian

When sophomore Haley Hauprich received five emails in one morning from Howard Music Department, she decided to make a change — a petition, that is.

“5 emails in one morning???” the petition says. “They have abused their power for far too long.”

After receiving emails about studio recitals, a solo com­pe­tition, and per­for­mances, Hauprich said she created the petition and shared it on social media as a joke Nov. 17, though it has col­lected 50 sig­na­tures.

It was like eight in the morning on a Thursday,” Hauprich said. “I was laying in bed, and I kept seeing emails from the music department on my phone. So I thought, you know would would be funny? Starting a petition with really hyper­bolic lan­guage.”

The petition also allows people to comment on it. Of the 14 indi­viduals that did, five cited that they are located in Hillsdale presently.

“It’s time to end the inbox tyranny of Howard [Musical Hall] elites,” Christopher McCaffrey ’16 said in a comment.

In reality, Hauprich said instead of a total ban on emails, the department should perhaps con­sider cre­ating a newsletter for announce­ments.

Music department chairman James Holleman, who said he was relieved to hear the petition was a joke, explained that the Howard Music Department has made changes in the past to improve its emails.

For example, the music department now has an email of its own to sent out announce­ments instead of using Holleman’s per­sonal address. That makes it easier for stu­dents and faculty to dis­tin­guish between campus-wide and per­sonal emails, he said. In addition, mul­tiple studio recitals may be adver­tised in one email.

“I get these com­ments from faculty and stu­dents,” Holleman said. “We try to decrease the amount of emails. But we’re proud of the hard work stu­dents do, and we want to advertise. We also have over 100 per­for­mances a year. Which would we not advertise?”

Shortly after Hauprich created the petition, a survey appeared in the student activ­ities newsletter for Hillsdale’s Student Fed­er­ation. It inquired about stu­dents’ pre­ferred format of com­mu­ni­cation on campus with the goal of lim­iting the number of campus-wide emails that are sent, Assistant Director of Student Activ­ities Ashlyn Landherr said in an email.

For now, Holleman offered some advice for dis­gruntled stu­dents.

“I get more emails than I want to see,” Holleman said. “I use the delete button.”