Michigan State Senator Mike Shirkey | Wikimedia Commons
Michigan State Senator Mike Shirkey | Wiki­media Commons

Dear Editor,

This election process was full of robust lessons, and its results equally as much. In the aftermath of Tuesday’s huge sweeping victory for Pres­ident-elect Trump, my obser­va­tions have crys­tal­lized. I have watched all the talking heads trying to analyze what just hap­pened, ratio­nalize why they and most polls were wrong, and, most dis­turbingly, go through their long litany of con­cerns, worries, and pre­dic­tions of chaos. Yet, in light of all their pon­tif­i­ca­tions, all I have to say is this:

Whether we favor the outcome or despise the outcome…voters are always right!

There will be a seem­ingly unending chorus of attempts to explain what just hap­pened by the experts. I am con­fident that they will be mostly wrong.

The expla­nation of Mr. Trump’s elec­tri­fying victory is easy.

Voters were tired of status quo. They were tired of hearing their leaders crit­icize America. And they were tired of seeing their country drift further and further from our founding prin­ciples.

In Tuesday’s Pres­i­dential election, we elected not a perfect servant but a public servant. Heart trumped heady rhetoric. Frankness trumped timidity. Con­fi­dence trumped con­de­scen­dence. Rough on the edges trumped groomed pedigree. Pas­sionate voters who love America trumped blatant, rampant, and often dis­gusting media bias.

And, once again, we as elected leaders are wise to remember: voters are always right! And so I say with great fer­vency and hope: Go America!

May we move on from these elec­tions, humbly con­fident. And may we move forward – toward where we came from, seeking the bril­liance our founding fathers envi­sioned: the messy imper­fection yet remarkable robustness of our unique and blessed republic democracy.

The best is yet to come.


Mike Shirkey

Michigan State Senator