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Stu­dents will have a better oppor­tunity to engage with employers pro­fes­sionally and per­sonally Thursday at Hillsdale College’s job and internship fair.

The career ser­vices office is holding the annual event from 12:30 – 3:30 p.m. Six more com­panies and orga­ni­za­tions than last year are sending rep­re­sen­ta­tives to the two-day event, pre­senting employers to Hillsdale’s campus and com­munity. New this year, an exclusive afterglow net­working event for stu­dents who are per­sonally invited by recruiters during the fair will allow further con­nec­tions in a more informal envi­ronment.  

Assistant Director of Career Ser­vices John Quint invited com­panies with prior con­nec­tions to the event. He said an improved economy has made recruiters more willing to come to Hillsdale.

“Per­sonal con­nection and rela­tionship was where we started,” Quint said. “We want to get this thing built up and expand it.”

Twenty-five com­panies — including Aerotek, Enter­prise Holdings Inc., and Quicken Loans Inc. — made the cut.

“We would like to see every employer that comes hire or give an internship to a student,” Quint said.

While the fair intro­duces recruiters to Hillsdale stu­dents, it also famil­iarizes them with the campus envi­ronment, Quint said. This gives them an idea of what it means to be a Hillsdale student, he said.

The afterglow net­working event is an extension of that goal to connect employers with future employees The event will be on Thursday from 4 – 6 p.m. in the Searle Center.

“The idea is that there is the tra­di­tional career fair, and if the employer would like to invite a student back to talk in a more informal net­working envi­ronment, they’re going to have the oppor­tunity to do that,” Quint said.

Senior Bilyana Petkova, Student Affairs Mentor director, encouraged all stu­dents to attend, regardless of their class rank.

“You can start net­working and get a start ahead of other people looking for a job,” Petkova said.

Hillsdale con­nec­tions with alumni ben­e­fitted senior Matt Vani­sacker. After meeting a recruiter for The Hershey Company, who attended Hillsdale, Vani­sacker interned over the summer for the cor­po­ration. Hershey is also scheduled to attend Thursday’s fair.

“Through career ser­vices, there are so many dif­ferent con­nec­tions of dif­ferent alumni who under­stand what you’re going through,” Vani­sacker said.

While those con­nec­tions are helpful, it is ulti­mately the Hillsdale edu­cation that sep­a­rates stu­dents in those intern­ships and jobs, Quint said.

Vani­sacker agreed: “A lot of com­panies are enjoying the liberal arts because those stu­dents know how to think.”