The grand opening of the new Call Center in Kendall Hall.
The grand opening of the new Call Center in Kendall Hall. John Ball/Collegian

Kendall Hall’s contact center had its grand opening Oct. 27, inau­gu­rating a new way for Hillsdale College to answer inquiries and com­mu­nicate with prospective stu­dents.

Although the center began oper­a­tions in Sep­tember, the ribbon-cutting cer­emony offi­cially wel­comed the student pop­u­lation to the center, Contact Center Director John Papciak said.

The center is full of call sta­tions, cubicles with double-monitor com­puters. There is also a pre­sen­tation room for training employees. Right now, 30 stu­dents work for the contact center, though Papciak said it is still hiring.

The college fin­ished con­struction on the center on the lowest level in Kendall in August. It is a new ini­tiative, first con­ceived in early 2015, and aims to con­sol­idate all of the college’s external com­mu­ni­ca­tions, including email, social media, and phone calls. Although the center’s main focus is cur­rently on admis­sions, it is planning to add Imprimis com­mu­ni­ca­tions and donor calls in the future, according to Contact Center employees.

“It’s cool to interact with people inter­ested in the college and be able to talk to people all over the country and pos­sibly the world,” freshman Madeleine Miller said. “Also, you are inter­acting with all dif­ferent facets of the college.”