Hillsdale College’s Mossey Library is on the fore­front of testing a new update to Sierra, the software respon­sible for the library’s catalog, cir­cu­lation, and book ordering system.

While the Sierra 2.4 update mainly fixes bugs con­cerning back­ground security issues, it also makes logging into data­bases like Google Scholar and JSTOR easier from off-campus.

Pre­vi­ously, those data­bases required addi­tional authen­ti­cation from stu­dents not con­necting through campus Wi-Fi, even if they were already logged into their Mossey Library account. Sierra 2.4 removes this redun­dancy.

Tech­nical service librarian Maurine McCourry said the library takes advantage of updates to Sierra as early as pos­sible, even if that means using a beta version.

“We can provide better service by staying up on the latest version,” McCourry said.

Mossey’s small size allows it to adapt much faster than larger libraries, McCourry said. Problems with updates are often small and involve spe­cific ref­erence mate­rials. As long as staff are made aware of issues, they can usually manage any problems without much fuss, she said.