Third party presidential candidate Gary Johnson spoke at a rally in Detroit, Michigan on Friday. Kaylee McGhee/Collegian
Third party pres­i­dential can­didate Gary Johnson spoke at a rally in Detroit, Michigan on Friday.
Kaylee McGhee/Collegian

DETROIT — “Be lib­er­tarian with me.”

That was the theme of pres­i­dential can­didate Gary Johnson’s rally at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan on Friday. The Lib­er­tarian Party nominee jogged onto the stage in his jeans and sneakers to high­light key issues such as immi­gration, gay rights, abortion, Black Lives Matter, taxes, and health care while also jabbing at his oppo­nents.

“I think Trump is toast,” Johnson said. “And Hillary was cruising along until today. We have an oppor­tunity to win.”

Johnson, who described himself as the “hon­orable alter­native to Trump,” chal­lenged his sup­porters to rec­ognize that he is the most qual­ified can­didate for the pres­i­dency based on prin­ciple and expe­rience. In a direct strike against Repub­lican and Demo­c­ratic pres­i­dential nom­inees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Johnson announced he believes he is the only honest pres­i­dential can­didate.

“If there’s one thing in life that res­onates all the time, it’s telling the truth,” he said. “If there’s one unfor­givable, it’s hypocrisy.”

When dis­cussing the economy, Johnson promised taxes would not go up if he is elected. He also encouraged sup­porters to engage in entre­pre­neurship and promote the sharing economy, because it is the future of the free market.

“Apply whatever you know, whatever you do, entre­pre­neurially,” Johnson said. “There will never be any­thing better you do than create your own job and jobs for others.”

Johnson also con­demned Trump’s immi­gration policy and said we should be embracing Mexican immi­grants and making it as easy as pos­sible for them to get work visas. Because Mexico is our neighbor, Johnson said he thinks the U.S. should develop eco­nomic ties with Mexico.

He ended his speech by reminding voters that as pres­ident of the United States, he would have an “open door after four,” referring to a policy he enacted while gov­ernor of New Mexico in which he wel­comed con­stituents and heard their opinions and com­plaints.

Johnson then per­sonally greeted and con­versed with sup­porters, who chanted, “We love Gary.”

“Johnson rep­re­sents what we believe in, which is minimum gov­ernment and maximum freedom,” said Jim Wallace, the Great Lakes Region Director for the cam­paign.

One couple from Pontiac, Michigan, Randy and Debbie Warnick, said they didn’t vote in the Repub­lican primary and have been sup­porting Johnson since he announced his can­didacy in January.

“I like him because of his honesty,” Debbie Warnick said.

Johnson reminded sup­porters that regardless of the election’s outcome, no one will be able to ignore the dis­content that has erupted from voters this election cycle.

“Our job as lib­er­tarians is to present a third choice,” Johnson said. “We won in this election. Take that away from tonight.”