The Study Break page: One more place to pro­cras­tinate.

There isn’t much on this page right now. We still have to write a few more posts before there will be enough for you to spend more than a coffee break on this tab. But we’re writing more new posts all the time.

We created the “Study Break” tab because there are times when you don’t want to read hard news. Some­times you just want to read some­thing light and fun. You want to know about that weird trend on campus instead of what the city council is doing. We get it.

This section is purely for enter­tainment, and intended to fill the niche that the news­paper, Tower Light, Forum, and other campus pub­li­ca­tions don’t. This is the place you turn when you don’t want to feel guilty for hopping on YouTube and clicking every “watch next” link for the next hour.

We want to encap­sulate Hills­dale’s campus culture in a way that’s fun and easy to read. We want to answer those weird campus-related ques­tions you had, but couldn’t ever get an answer to.

Our writers want to share some­thing with you and we’re going to let their unique lit­erary voices shine through. We may even let them break AP style from time to time.

We’ll cover things like:

Today, other online news sites chase clicks because money only comes in when people are on their sites. We will never do that.

Unlike other news orga­ni­za­tions, we aren’t trying to make a living off of ridiculous head­lines. We get that they’re silly, deceptive, and a waste of time. But if you find yourself clicking through this page at three in the morning with a paper due in six hours, it might have served its purpose.