(Wikimedia Commons / Courtesy)
(Wikimedia Commons / Courtesy)

The leak in the storage room behind Phillips Auditorium in Knorr damaged some inexpensive equipment, said Patrick Chartrand, ITS network systems manager. Water seeped under the wall and into the training room next door, releasing a stench that carried into the career services office.

Chief Administrative Officer Rich Péwé praised Hillsdale College’s maintenance, who replaced the line and cleaned up the mess.

Chartrand said water ruined the items in the storage room not elevated on pallets.

“These items were recycled, but they were few and not costly,” Chartrand said.

Content in the training room next door was removed and placed into temporary storage while the college replaced the carpet and dried the space with fans. Taking advantage of clear space, Hillsdale also replaced the ceiling and lights and gave the room a new layer of paint.

“While it’s not very convenient right now, in the end, the space will be much nicer to work in,” Chartrand said.