Do it all for the Insta, am I right?

As Hillsdale College celebrated its one-hundredth homecoming, social media blew up with pictures of students and alumni donned in their Charger blue and white, ready to show pride in their second home, Hillsdale.

Of course, it didn’t happen unless we all saw it on Instagram, so here are a few of the featured photos of the weekend.

1. The Alumni Choir performed

The weekend began with the Alumni Choir tradition: Professor Holleman provided apple cider and donuts as an incentive to pull the over one hundred choir students out of bed early Saturday morning. Fortunately, a large number of alumni and their children attended the rehearsal in preparation for signing in the parade later that afternoon.
Photo Credit: @hillsdalecollege

2. The three sororities on campus joined forces

second in homecoming, first in my heart #kappachiphi

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New this year was the teaming up of all sororities on campus, in efforts to provide unity amongst the houses and try to break Simpson’s #6peat. After joining forces all week, they came in a close second place in the Homecoming Festivities.
Photo Credit: @glynisgilio

3. Dorms and Greeks walked in a Homecoming parade

Homecoming brings all parts of campus together–including HC President Larry Arnn and the Galloway dorm dog, Winston.

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Our own college president and his beloved wife, Dr. and Mrs. Arnn did not keep from the Homecoming excitement. They participated in the parade via Firetruck, and stopped to pet the Galloway dog.
Photo Credit: @hdalecollegian

4. The Homecoming King and Queen were named

Your Homecoming King and Queen, Hillsdalians. #celebrationofthecentury #hchomecoming2016 #hillsdalecollege #homecoming #hillsdale

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Voted by the student body, Elise Clines and Chris Prudenz were announced Homecoming King and Queen during halftime. Both winners had their faces plastered over campus in various memes to advertise their campaign, ultimately proving successful.
Photo Credit: @hillsdalecollege

5. The Chargers defeated Michigan Tech in the Homecoming football game

Proudly, the Hillsdale College Football team played themselves to a victory against Michigan Tech.
Photo Credit: @hillsdale_chargers

6. Simpson won Homecoming for the 6th year in-a-row

It was interesting to see that out of all the photos @hillsdalecollege posted on social media this weekend, this photo got one of the least amounts of likes. Picking up on the sarcasm of Meghan Cain, who MC’d this year’s Mock Rock, I believe most of campus was disappointed in the fact that Simpson won for the sixth year in a row.

7. Numerous people took a picture of Central Hall

Classic #Hillsdale. This walk never gets old. #HillsdaleHomecoming #celebrationofthecentury

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Did you really come back to campus if you didn’t take a picture of Central Hall? @mrlosik appreciated the familiar view of the campus icon.