Courtesy Emma McCormick

Let’s face it, being stuck in the library isn’t really how stu­dents want to spend their college years. For­tu­nately, we don’t have to. 

As the school year slowly picks up pace, several oppor­tu­nities remain for stu­dents to get outside and enjoy the last few weeks of sun­shine before the arrival of winter. 

Located three miles from Hillsdale College, Baw Beese Lake exists as the perfect location for a break off campus in between study ses­sions. Just head South on 99 and turn right after the Hillsdale County Fairgrounds. 

While pro­viding numerous planned activ­ities and events, Student Activ­ities Board director Anthony Manno encourages people to embrace the outdoors. 

“Hope­fully we all under­stand the impor­tance of recre­ation,” Manno said. “We need to take advantage of what Hillsdale has. I don’t like hearing, ‘Oh there’s nothing to do’. There is so much to do, you just need to know where to look. One of the beau­tiful things about being in Southwest Michigan is that we have really nice lakes. We need to utilize them.”

Sophomore Emma McCormick has taken use of paddle boarding at Baw Beese twice since her return to Hillsdale this Fall. 

“Its really nice to be outside,” McCormick said. “If you don’t make an effort to go outside, it’s really easy to just stay inside all day. Paddle boarding is fun because you can do some­thing slightly active, hang out with friends, be out­doors, soak in the sun, and not do homework.”

Getting outside and being active has become quite popular today. 

“Paddle boards are rel­a­tively new and I feel like they’ve become a fad recently,” McCormick said. “Espe­cially with all the Instagram hashtags, it’s trendy to be outdoorsy.”

So grab your friends and spend some time enjoying the out­doors with these great activ­ities before the cold arrives. 

1. Pad­dle­boarding and Kayaking 

Courtesy Emma McCormick

If stu­dents are inter­ested in renting kayaks or pad­dle­boards, they can check out the paddles at the student union desk before heading to the Hillsdale Country Club at Baw Beese Lake where the college has pur­chased a dock with three kayaks and three paddle boards.

2. Swimming

Josephine Von Dohlen | Collegian
Josephine Von Dohlen | Collegian

Want to take a dip in the lake before the frigid ice cold waters of the Polar Plunge? Baw Beese is home to an incredible beach on its North side where people are welcome to swim or simply bask in the late summer sun. 

3. Beach Volleyball

Josephine Von Dohlen | Collegian
Josephine Von Dohlen | Collegian

Grab some friends and a vol­leyball and head to the courts at Baw Beese. There are two courts on the North side of the lake, near the beach.

4. Watch the sunset

Josephine Von Dohlen | Collegian
Josephine Von Dohlen | Collegian

There is nothing better than ending your day watching the sun set on the lake. Take a deep breath and embrace the beauty before you head back for the late night studying grind. 

Join the trend. Head outside. 

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