The new look of the Hillsdale Consulting Club (Courtesy)
The new look of the Hillsdale Con­sulting Club (Courtesy)

After dis­cussion and debate over four funds requests from the bur­geoning Man­agement Con­sulting Club, Hillsdale College’s Student Fed­er­ation approved a $370 appro­pri­ation.

The fed­er­ation rep­re­sen­ta­tives approved the allo­cation of money Sept. 22 for the club to put toward a visit to a business school, interview prep mate­rials, and its new logo design. Student Fed also des­ig­nated $141.91 to the Con­ser­vation Club to buy addi­tional recy­cling bins for the res­i­dence halls.

Some rep­re­sen­ta­tives chal­lenged a $150 charge to pay for the Con­sulting Club’s pro­fes­sionally designed logo, sug­gesting that cheaper options were available and should have been pursued. The club’s lead­ership said it was nec­essary to spark interest in the club and attract members at the Source. The logo fea­tures a blue shield with the letters HCC and the club’s name below it.

“No one knows what man­agement con­sulting is, so we’re trying to incor­porate the lucrative and pres­ti­gious aspects of the field with the tra­dition of the college,” Con­sulting Club Pres­ident senior Peter Staab said.

Student Fed approved the request 19 – 1.

The fed­er­ation also dis­cussed the pos­si­bility of charging a fee for the pro­posed Nov. 4 trip to the Uni­versity of Michigan’s Ross School of Business in Ann Arbor, a visit that is open to anyone inter­ested. Club lead­ership, however, expressed concern that the fee would make it dif­ficult to attract interest. Student Fed agreed and approved unan­i­mously to fully fund the trip so no fee would be nec­essary.

“The club is very, very new, and so their request for funding is under­standable because they are trying to get people to join, so asking for dues or fees will make it hard to get people to join,” Kappa Kappa Gamma Rep. junior Maria Theisen said. “We want to support some­thing that will benefit Hillsdale’s campus because we don’t have a club like this, and it’s a very spe­cific field.”

Student Fed also approved 18 – 2 the club’s requests to buy interview prepa­ration mate­rials spe­cific to the con­sulting field, which are not available through the career ser­vices office.

“Con­sulting firms don’t do behav­ioral inter­views, ‘tell us about yourself,’ that kind of thing,” Staab said. “They give you a business case and ask you to analyze it. This book, called ‘Case Interview Secrets,’ walks you through how to analyze a business case. “

Staab said the club will probably need more financial support from Student Fed in the future, as it works to establish itself and its alumni network. But he promised the group would reach out to alumni con­tacts to gauge the potential for dona­tions before returning to Student Fed for assis­tance.

“We haven’t reached out to alumni for financial assis­tance yet, but we’re open to doing that,” Staab said. “We would flesh out our alumni will­ingness to give before coming back to Student Fed.”

Con­sulting Club Sec­retary senior Garrett Glassburn agreed: “They’ve already done so much in terms of getting the leg work done, we didn’t want to impose on them already. We wanted to show them that this is some­thing we can get off the ground inde­pen­dently.”

Student Fed did deny 19 – 1 the Con­sulting Club’s request for an addi­tional $130 to fund a trip to Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., a con­sulting firm in Vir­ginia, next semester. The fed­er­ation, however, agreed to recon­sider the pro­posal closer to the date of the trip, after the club has more con­crete plans.

The fed­er­ation also unan­i­mously approved the Con­ser­vation Club’s request for more recy­cling bins, without dis­cussion.

Con­ser­vation Club Pres­ident senior Bilyana Petkova and Trea­surer junior Jon Coote requested $140 to expand the club’s dorm recy­cling program by adding 24 new bins.

“Olds had four boxes, and they were full all the time, so we want to make it more effi­cient,” Petkova said. “McIntyre had only one. So we want to have two or three in McIntyre and cover some new dorms, as well.”

The club has 20 bins spread between Olds, McIntyre, Gal­loway, Benzing, and Simpson res­i­dences. The new bins will go in those dorms as well as in Whitley and Waterman res­i­dences and all three soror­ities.

“Hope­fully, we can increase the number of res­i­dents that we’re affecting  from 500 to 650,” Coote said.