Four bands — Luxury Flux, Trash Cats, Big Bad Wolf, and Muskin — com­peted for a grand prize of $1,000 in the third round of Broad Street’s annual Battle of the Bands. For the first time, the County Fair stepped in to raise the stakes, offering the winner a stage at the Hillsdale County Fair.

Kory Osmun, co-founder of Rychko Enter­tainment, orga­nized the event and con­tacted the musi­cians. Although Rychko Enter­tainment is a new project, Osmun is a veteran of the enter­tainment industry.

“I’ve been in enter­tainment for twenty five years. We’ve built rela­tion­ships with mul­tiple bands,” he said, “The music industry is about who you know.”

Every band that per­formed on Thursday, Sept. 1 has Michigan roots. Luxury Flux is from Lansing, Muskin is from Delton, and Trashcat and Big Bad Wolf hail from nearby Jackson.

Luxury Flux opened the event. When asked how the band formed, Lindsay Taylor, lead vocalist, said she and her two fellow band members met in 2015.

“We met on the internet through the Lansing local scene. We were just looking for other musi­cians to jam with,” she said.  

The other musi­cians echoed Taylor’s per­spective, viewing music as an oppor­tunity to enjoy the company of other musi­cians while doing what they love. Band member Johnny Baird joined the band to spend time with his son.

“My son plays in a garage rock band and I thought it would be a good oppor­tunity to play together,” said Baird.

Big Bad Wolf closed the night with a mix of rock styles. The members of the four-man band are self-pro­claimed music geeks, lis­tening to a variety of styles from Clas­sical to Metal.

Big Bad Wolf has expe­rience playing in Ann Arbor, Ypsi­lanti, Lansing, and Battle Creek. When asked his favorite city to play in, band member Richie Brown that the Music Factory in Battle Creek draws a big crowd.  

Drawing a crowd was exactly what Osmun and Josh Wain­scott, manager of the Under­ground, wanted. Wain­scott hopes to involve Hillsdale stu­dents in regular Thursday night events.

“It’s a com­munity thing,” he said.