Construction outside Kendall Hall. Julie Havlak | Collegian
Con­struction outside Kendall Hall. Julie Havlak | Col­legian

Con­struction of a new path rec­og­nizes increased traffic flow on campus — and student appre­ci­ation.

Devel­opment for a brick sidewalk that will acknowledge stu­dents who com­plete their 1844 Society pledge began Monday. Chief Admin­is­trative Officer Rich Péwé said the con­struction will be done by winter and support the increasing foot traffic from Mossey Library and the Grewcock Student Union to Kendall Hall.

“Stu­dents have been walking this path for several years, and it’s a well estab­lished path,” Péwé said. “It is so exciting to see stu­dents making a gift com­mitment, and I think the walk will be appre­ciated and heavily used.”

Members of the 1844 Society, which works to create stronger alumni net­works, wanted a way to express their appre­ci­ation to the nearly 100 stu­dents who made financial com­mit­ments to Hillsdale College, Director of Alumni Engagement Colleen McGinness said. In the new 1844 Society Walk, each member who pays $18.44 per semester and then $184.40 within three years of grad­u­ation will receive a brick. The walk will match the bricks now making up the Alumni Walk in size and color.

“It is a daily reminder to stu­dents that we have so much to be thankful for at Hillsdale,” McGinness said. “It’s a remarkable statement to other gen­erous donors, who see that the stu­dents they are sup­porting rec­ognize the blessings they’ve received at Hillsdale.”

For each com­pleted pledge, a brick will be inscribed with the student’s name, class year, and a message of choice under 15 char­acters.

Stu­dents said they think the sidewalk could be useful, though they expressed con­cerns about campus aes­thetics.

“It takes away from the beauty of campus by adding more cement through a place where there’s already a lot of side­walks,” senior Gabriela Wong said.

They also noted loca­tions they felt had a greater need for sidewalk, specif­i­cally the dirt and woodchip path between Mary Randall Preschool and Howard Music Hall.

“There’s not as much space between where you are and where you need to go by Kendall as there is between the music building and the hill,” senior Amelia Stieren said. “In the summer and fall, it’s no problem, but it is a little bit tricky in the winter. I myself have fallen after choir, and I think they should con­sider installing a sidewalk.”

For now, it is the society’s walk being built with the hopes of growing appre­ci­ation for what the college has, McGinness said.

“The future strength and engagement of our alumni network hinges on stu­dents under­standing the value of a lifelong part­nership with the college,” she said.