Hillsdale College altered its mission statement this summer, for the first time since the 1980s, to more clearly reflect its foun­da­tions and adherence to Christian prin­ciples.

Pres­ident Larry Arnn worked with admin­is­trators to rewrite parts of the statement to better reflect the college’s mission in regards to religion, Provost David Whalen said. The final draft was com­pleted in the spring and intro­duced to the faculty assembly and the board of trustees in May.

The changes are indicative of the college’s history and purpose, Whalen said.

“As the culture around us becomes more secular or more pro­gres­sively anti-Christian, it becomes more important any latent ambi­guity as to the college’s beliefs and identity to be removed,” Whalen said.

Whalen said Arnn has con­sidered making these revi­sions for years. The changes come just months after the U.S. Department of Edu­cation released guide­lines on how edu­cators should address trans­gender stu­dents.

The new mission statement quotes from the Articles of Asso­ci­ation, written by the Freewill Baptist founders of Hillsdale College, declaring it the college’s aim to pre­serve and teach the Christian faith. The revised statement is a “more perfect reflection” of this founding doc­ument, Arnn said in an email.

“As a non­sec­tarian Christian insti­tution, Hillsdale College main­tains ‘by precept and example’ the immemorial teachings and prac­tices of the Christian faith,” a new sen­tence in the statement reads.

The revi­sions also removed ref­erence to the “Judeo-Christian faith and Greco-Roman culture,” stating the college is a trustee of “our Western philo­sophical and the­o­logical inher­i­tance tracing to Athens and Jerusalem.”

The new version also adds that stu­dents will receive an edu­cation based in the­ology as well as lit­er­ature and science.

Whalen said the restatement of the college’s mission is meant to clarify con­fusion as to whether or not Hillsdale is a Christian insti­tution.

“Some people are just con­fused,” Whalen said. “A lot of people may say Hillsdale is secular, but it’s really just inde­pendent of any affil­i­ation with a church.”

Hillsdale is finan­cially inde­pendent from gov­ernment support, but reg­u­la­tions could affect the accred­i­tation of the college’s pro­grams of study, a process the school is preparing for now, said Tom Burke, pro­fessor of religion and phi­losophy.

Whalen said the changes in the statement are not a result of Hillsdale’s upcoming accred­i­tation.

Burke said, however, if the college did find itself in a position to justify its beliefs, the clearer lan­guage could help Hillsdale defend its reli­gious liberty.

“We’re just trying to make that clear so that if there are any chal­lenges brought, we stand within the Christian tra­dition, and therefore, should have the priv­ilege of abiding by tra­di­tional Christian ethics,” Burke said.

Michael Jordan, pro­fessor of English, said as the culture becomes more secular, there is a greater need to state a reli­gious affil­i­ation.

“What we used to under­stand as the norm isn’t the norm anymore,” Jordan said. “I think it is a good thing it is now more explicit because what used to be under­stood is not the case, espe­cially in the culture at large.”

Burke and Whalen said the changes to the mission statement are unre­lated to new require­ments in the core cur­riculum, which now includes a revamped religion course required for all stu­dents.

The mandate, however, does help with Hillsdale’s Christian affil­i­ation, Burke added.

Whalen said overall the changes to the statement’s lan­guage were minimal.

“It didn’t change the mission of the college,” Whalen said. “It’s clar­i­fying what was already there.”

  • Jen­nifer Melfi

    What would the founders say about all of this leg­is­lating from the bench?

    This is a bad turn for the college — turning their back on what made the place great. I guess Hillsdale, Cedarville, and Wheaton are all com­peting in the same arena. Not the place that I would want to be.

  • Camus53

    “We’re just trying to make that clear so that if there are any
    chal­lenges brought, we stand within the Christian tra­dition, and
    therefore, should have the priv­ilege of abiding by tra­di­tional Christian

    All code words for the extreme right. A college that was once good…if not great…now a pawn in a larger political game with the stu­dents paying the price.

    None other than Barry Gold­water warned a half century ago about the dangers of falling into bed with the evan­gelical far right and where it would take and how it would destroy America, the Repub­lican Party, the Con­ser­v­ative movement and yes we can say Hillsdale College as well.

    • Sandy Daze

      Oh my.

    • BradinAZ

      Exactly. Pres­ident Arnn con­tinues in his quest of reshaping the college into a overtly reli­gious insti­tution rather than one that stands for freedom.

    • Sy Weiner

      Dis­agree with you I am a con­ser­v­ative Jew you know the ones who went to Nam were spit upon in my medical corp cap­tains uniform I must say you sound like most of my Jewish com­rades who define their Jew­ishness by hating evan­gel­icals but Anglicans not so much. I do not demonize their sec­u­larity or the great peril evan­ge­lizing atheism could do I too am a sec­u­larist but human­istic Jew not a human­i­tarian except when I wish to be benef­icent Indeed the neocon cabal and the evan­gel­icals will take over the world BTW I am part of the Pri­tocol of Zion cabal Who will show you how. The end product is what I am paying for stu­dents that is,real schol­arship not this need business The proof is in the Hillsdale grad­u­ation rates and the informal ques­tions we ask like who was Publius , why did Jef­ferson get us
      Into an ulti­matum and mini war with our Muslims who impressed on to Euro­peans their enslavement etc I ask the kids because I pay for their­tu­ition directly. Yes Hugh Hewitt is a pain for his” morning grace ” intro but I say grace with these folks but I leave out JC and say Spinoza Excuse my typing but am over 80 Con­ser­v­ative values(look at your quarters plus the” novo ordus seclorum”. You know if the Evan­gel­icals are right and JC returns I would tap him on the shoulder and ask“have you been here before?” (Men­achem Begin)

      Sar­castic old geezer con­ser­v­ative Jewish cap­i­talist who does not want to explode nuclear bombs again , yes Oppen­heimer was Jewish Must stop my babble but stay healthy wealthy with very little self esteem but more humility(Rabbi Hillel 100 BC ) Indeed sorry for the ramble and hope I did not injure your feelings

      Weiner Sigimund


  • Sy Weiner

    I believe this will be inter­preted that. Hillsdale is no longer ecu­menical I know per­sonally that this will not be the case. I know this from Hostels and the the­ology will cover old and new tes­tament but I am con­cerned about Jewish and other reli­gions will say. Perhaps. Dr Arnn could clarify. I am Jewish and
    a donor I hope the statement does not scare off qual­ified Jewish stu­dents Maybe this can be clar­ified via email I have all faith in Dr Arnn’s lead­ership.

    Dr Sy Weiner


    • Jen­nifer Melfi

      I would say that this would cer­tainly dis­courage qual­ified Jewish stu­dents from attending. I don’t know many Jewish stu­dents who would feel com­fortable within a Xian college and the pros­e­ly­tizing envi­ronment that I have heard abounds under the current regime.

      • Marcy Almay

        They’re not Christian, they’re cap­i­talists that equate to Stal­inists, they teach the “Cap­i­talist Man­i­festo” in their economic’s department and claim inequality is nec­essary (greed is good movie non­sense). Were Christ alive, he’d run into their endowment office and throw tables around, they use Christ’s name to HIDE behind for a tax dis­count and to extort huge funds from dumb donors that think its noble to have the college raid our local economy and con­tribute NOTHING to the area. I lis­tened to a lecture by Dr. West, it made me nau­seated to hear his latent hatred, it was like hearing a modern day HITLER speak. They’re without con­science and have no idea what Christian purpose is at all, no one should send their kids to that school, it’s like sending them to be pro­grammed rather than to think! It’s too bad, this was a nice com­munity at one time, but rabid greed has gripped every move the college makes at the cost to the com­munity they don’t con­tribute any­thing to aside from having their pro­fessors insult us in PR.

        • Jen­nifer Melfi

          Not sure about your rea­soning here. They are def­i­nitely Christian in the sense that the modern Repub­lican Party is Christian, which isn’t that dif­ferent from Wheaton College or any other Evan­gelical College at this time.

          • Marcy Almay

            I just per­sonally believe “Christian” isn’t some­thing one should use as a term to get tax exempt status. Their primary public rela­tions person is Gary Wolfram, and he doesn’t espouse Christian prin­cipals in my opinion. His getting the city put into emer­gency man­agement as an eco­nomic “scholar” and econ devel­opment con­tractor? Well… maybe you’re right. Maybe it’s who SPEAKS for the college. It would be dif­ferent, hearing how (for instance) Walmart workers aren’t worth much if it wasn’t being preached by a man who tanked eco­nomic devel­opment in the city in just four years, while his wife’s bill­ables for 32 hrs part time run $400 + per hour in Hillsdale Policy Group draws. Oh well though, right?

          • Jen­nifer Melfi

            you see I don’t have much respect for that term, so I think it suits them well. I see your point though. that is an inter­esting take — they they are using it to clear the way in case some sort of change takes place that requires them to use the reli­gious lib­erties defense so that they can con­tinue to do what they want. I guess that if they want to defend they way edu­cating that is one thing, but trading on reli­gious freedom a la Hobby Lobby is pretty low.

          • Marcy Almay

            It IS, isn’t it? I started a page about it, LOL! After some insult Wolfram made at the com­munity, I wanted to expose, the college DOES get IRS tax breaks which cost us taxes LOCALLY and we don’t even get a say in the matter, but then, we’re trashed like filthy “townies” by him? It’s insulting, there’s great people in this com­munity, he came here 13 years ago and although he’s never run for office, he runs EVERYTHING now, being mean to locals, it’s unfair! With all the “no hand outs” stuff, and stand on your own two feet, blah blah blah? I don’t mind them speaking their “view” on things, or even per­pet­u­ating it! What I mind is that they’re not even CLOSE to char­i­table, or even humanists, and no matter what you think of Christ, it’s not fair for them to hide behind his name for a tax break. If they want the title, they should ACT like the char­acter in that book, right?

          • Marcy Almay

            WORSE? Check this out pages 28 – 31 or so, where our local hos­pital, which loses mil­lions a year, just got a 26 million dollar federal grant to buy the hos­pital from THEMSELVES. They REINCORPORATED under the same people, now having tax­payers own it, but them demanding to run it 100%. It’s OBSCENE! – 2016-Pkt.pdf Gary Worlfarm is on the board for the eco­nomic devel­opment in the county which wrote that MEDC letter, even though the person most ben­e­fiting from the pur­chase is Duke Anderson, who NO ONE TOLD the USDA RECD program was sued by the Attorney General and FBI’s Antitrust division last year and pled guilty! That’s illegal to not dis­close, that hos­pital is still liable for the actions that “harmed patients, physi­cians and employers” in this county according to the AG and the feds and I looked up the loan program they applied under, it’s for NEW CONSTRUCTION, not huge private capital they probably got from selling it TO THEMSELVES! It’s crazy, this area has problems, for sure. Even Alle­giance had to sell to Henry Ford, and it improved their hos­pital a LOT! Yet here we are, same ol’ same ol’, and our paid offi­cials are playing these kinds of sleazy insider trades, now pawning their debt off onto US via this creepy loan thing? They lose mil­lions a year! Now that’s OUR lia­bility, while the same people LOSE MILLIONS a year!

        • Sy Weiner

          I am a refugee from Hitler’s Austria, a donor, a fre­quent attendee at Hillsdale, and an entre­preneur who has mad mil­lion­aires in some of key employees and paid for employees graduate edu­cation , paid a lot of taxes , profit sharing for employees I have read Adam Smith Marx Aus­trian school of eco­nomics and Gary Wolfram and have his“Capitalist Man­i­festo” and have audited some classes. We came to USA pen­niless but thank God for USA that saved my life and had brother killed in Hurtgen forest a brother who went to Korea and I was in the Vietnam What have u done or will do You sound very young and can forgive you cul­tural igno­rance but never to compare a teacher to Hitler As a
          Jew you seem to despise this country I know the Nazis
          At least Hillsdale teaches Mil­itary history and I am impressed their attempt to instill Bil­dungs in der Jugend Hitler mmm I should meet you and demon­strate Geheim­polizei nadeau for you Your post makes me uncom­fortable but babble on

          Shande ( do look up your history and the German) Remember what Coolidge said about business and USA) I would love to send a copy of
          my reply to Dr Arnn but sen­sitive to your “feeling” Hitler and a teacher- wow what a despi­cable com­parison!!!! BTW Hillsdale does con­tribute to the com­munity by sending out stu­dents who will pay heavy taxes nationally and locally if the student stays around the dale and yes I have met several Well I never use ad hominems So stay well pay taxes and serve in the military.That is the least u can do BTW as a Jew I know Christian the­ology early church history gnostics and have argued with Dr Burke on Anselms proof. I pay sales and visitor taxes when I come to the dale My mother always said when non­sense came out of my mouth it was
          Quatsch I hope I have not hurt your self esteem if so I am deeply sorry

          Weiner Sigmund

          • Marcy Almay

            Not at all sir, I’m sorry for your problems in life, and proud to hear you stand up for what you believe in. But I stand by the cul­tural hate speech I heard from Dr. West as a means of sin­gling out dif­ferent races in a manner I felt equated to preaching hate, which the Jesus I believed in never did. Perhaps I learned from a dif­ferent teacher than Dr. West, not sure, but sir, I’m sorry, Ayn Rand grew up as a child under Stalin’s regime, it’s all she learned! Koch’s father part­nered with Stalin, that’s where the Koch boys got their mil­lions they turned into a machine for greed and eco­nomic oppression that Charles Koch now uses a foun­dation (non profit, mind you) to give Rand’s Stal­inist pro­pa­ganda out by the mil­lions to schools for free! Why doesn’t he PAY TAXES for the several political foun­da­tions he runs? And Gary Wolfram TANKED the city’s eco­nomic devel­opment, it’s a FACT sir, that’s why Snyder had to come rescue the city with Rising Tides, LOL! Perhaps you think it’s a cruel ref­erence, and maybe it feels that way to you, but I assure you fully, when there’s people who use Christ’s name to save a buck, I am deeply offended as well, being many Christian people are beheaded in the middle East and shot and over the ages were mur­dered for believing in Christ and standing fast to those beliefs. Many Vet­erans died defending our freedoms in America, yet just a few days ago, Ken Benge con­fronted the Hillsdale County Com­mi­sioners that he’s sending sui­cidial vetrans to the county’s Com­munity Mental Health, Lifeways, and they’re being FAILED. Don’t ever forget that it’s American blood that was spilled as well to fight against such evil who tried to oppress masses, for ANY reason, that’s our pride! And if someone starts hate speech in this country, I assure you, it’s our DUTY as Amer­icans to not stand silent while people die over any oppression, even eco­nomic. But either way, I’m proud to know that you responded, for real! I’m always happy to see the dis­course invoked by stories in this paper, where the stu­dents show char­acter that I’m afraid the insti­tution doesn’t always show in their actions. The Kirby center is run out of MY COUNTY TAXES sir, remember, the college pays no property taxes or other con­tri­bu­tions to the tax base to operate here, while funding the Wash­ington DC arm of their orga­ni­zation. They also use the Barney ini­tiative to open public schools else­where, using a model of the Academy, but with time spent out of THIS county and state’s taxes that they claim isn’t for profit. Both of those endeavors are NON CHRISTIAN . In my opinion, they use Christ’s name here for tax evasion, plain and simple. And as my guest when you come to town, I don’t need Alms from the mighty mil­lion­aires, none of us do, we’re a proud com­munity with MANY good people! But don’t come here fig­uring that the college is inde­pendent or self sus­taining either, it’s a mis­ap­pre­hension based on MARKETING, they have our com­munity not just SHRUGGING, they’re BURYING us in poverty while ripping us off for a con­tri­bution to OUR TAXES HERE! It’s unfair, and unless you plan to own property here, or vote here, or see the damage done by the financial raiding the college does, then please, enjoy the free stay you get out of MY portion of the taxes the college isn’t paying, because without me and the 46,000 persons who DO live here, that college would be nothing. We bear their tax burdens, and at least deserve some grat­itude, don’t you think sir?

          • Marcy Almay

            Here’s the REAL Gary Wolfram, the man who writes letters to leg­islative offi­cials feigning igno­rance about the mechanics of stock markets and the Sherman Act, yet rec­om­mends things he knows aren’t legal. That let­terhead is Hillsdale Policy Group sir, HILLSDALE, our county and city’s “brand” that the college uses as a battle cry, and that’s the con­tracting name he uses for our Eco­nomic Devel­opment that he put into emer­gency man­agement in just four years! His former teacher wife bills at like $500, and we’ve lost so many jobs and busi­nesses it’s a shameful thing, and all we got is rentals with tax abatement to show for it? If he’s training young minds about eco­nomics, I’m scared for America! LOL! I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s the per­son­i­fi­cation of John Galt, but what he really acts like is someone who advises others how to break secu­rities laws, and get away with schemes, which sir, includes insulting hard working Amer­icans. Where would YOU be without the persons you employ? Could you do it all yourself? Char­acter is the one thing most missing from the youth in our nation, are you sure he’s a measure of such that you’d like to have the next gen­er­ation emulate? Our county is being run into the ground by appointees, with our voted in rep­re­sen­ta­tives being advised by Gary Wolfram to do his bidding while he hides as an “advisor” to them. You like him so much? TAKE HIM TO YOUR STATE/COUNTY please! Let him wreck YOUR economy and sell YOU out! But I am a voter and a tax­payer and a citizen here, with free speech rights, so I figure I have just as much right to speak about my local issues as what Mr. Wolfram does coming OUTSIDE the college to play games with our community’s well being.

          • Sy Weiner

            You have me on the details of Gary Wolfram Where would I have been without employees def­i­nitely paying less tax, fewer headaches and over all not have to work 2 yrs without pay I could have done quite well I know Dr Wolfram by what he has written and chatted with him at mod­erate length and he seemed not very dif­ferent from most PHDs but he seemed more street smart probably because of his back­ground He did want less money to speak at my home town .I am a severe towner and have very little respect for the tenured radicals.So indeed you have me about the local intrigues at Hillsdale We have the same thing here in a slightly larger uni but they do the same non­sense I.e duplicity, stran­gling the town by grabbing up property,playing the shill of raising tuition without any lia­bility for the loans At least you can point to pro­fessors who are playing games we cannot because there are ways of deluding the unwashed masses from a bunch of admin­is­trators who say ” I know nothing” Town and gown are always at odds for obvious reasons but at least you can give Wolfram the Trotsky treatment YES I could have made more without the headaches of labor But if it were for me there would have been jobs and BTW several of my key employees earned 30 – 40% more You figure All right Wolfram is double speak and action and since you are small town you can send Anna Karenina’s train for him

            Sorry for the English sarcasm but little irony

            But I did call out many of the profs for avoiding the Nam draft and they made many Mea Culpas Here they wear it as a badge of honor and still want me to open my cash box for the last talent of gold even when their opinions deserve the rack You know there would be no recog­nition of Hillsdale without the college and it is one of the last bas­tions where you could open one’ s mouth without having the campus KGB after you Try it and see I cannot get a speaker to talk on campus who is a think tank con­ser­v­ative My dear pen pal I have seen war and I have seen the enemy right up front in Nam and Korea and you would really vomit if I told u the stories of bar­barity Mano a Mano per­pet­uated by the North Koreans and the 2nd North Viet­namese sol­diers on innocent children and women Come join the mil­itary and see the world as it is and Gary W and the Paleos plus we Israel loving neoconservatives(neocon) is a per­jo­riative- you get my drift .

            Well dear pen pal this old radi­ol­ogist — surgeon is getting tired of it all but do keep things in perspective.It helps me as I approach the Socratic dreamless sleep espe­cially when I look out from the new Kepler tele­scope We are nothing and Wolfram Hillsdale and all the evils of our little worlds will dis­appear (Bertrand Russell) Let me ask you would u lay down your life so others can live? If not then one is not worthy of the term Homo Sapiente.

            Hillsdale is not perfect but keep in mind it has national recog­nition

            Sorry for this octo­ge­narian bab­bling on but as an MD in third world coun­tries in war and not in war I find there is much to say that u have a college where they do apply the first amendment.

            I have ticked or irri­tated pro­fessors at Hillsdale because I hold them accountable for what and how they teach Their per­sonal shenanigans with the town I know nothing about it. You are the expert on that and I humble myself to you

            Please excuse typos but my eyes are failing me Good night and my mother always said in Polish Pavowla or Susvecito. Thank you for your prompt response

            Weiner Sigmund CPT USA Medical Corp MD

          • Marcy Almay

            LOL I’m so glad you responded to my silly stuff, you sound like an amazing man that tells it like it is and I’m glad to know you don’t stand silent to wrongs. We have troubles here, their eco­nomics pro­fessor himself stated the roads are crum­bling, and around the college, it’s hor­rible!
            He has 3/4 of a million of tax funds he’s given a year from a broke city’s taxes, this AFTER the college makes them broke by not paying any taxes the entire time they’ve been here, yet still, he’s vio­lating laws to pass notes to the college’s endowment official/treasurer who ALSO got a job as a city coun­cilman.
            It’s not enough for them to have a $431 million dollar insult fund here and pay none of it to the well being of the com­munity, they had to come out into our com­munity and ROB it too?
            As the college breaks ground on a 28 million dollar church they’re building to cover for their tax evasion?
            The STUDENTS want housing! The college simply doesn’t care, they want to pre­serve their “image”
            And they think they’re GENEROUS for donating a stupid sign we didn’t need to exem­plify the takeover of the gov­ernment in this area as well?
            They evade taxes while our community’s infra­structure crumbles but come out of there and use the same sleazy tactics to wreck the com­munity, it’s astounding to me.
            But it’s the norm. Harvard’s endowment just lost 2 billion, and it’s noted to be a “hedge fund” like oper­ation, and they are a public uni­versity.
            But look at what the college does with HIllsdale County’s TAX money they’re ripping us off for:
            They’re opening NON CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS throughout the country by claiming “donated” money is doing it, but that donated money is donated to Hillsdale College in this county, and the pro­grams are run by the college staff “team” going over state lines to do this while claiming EXEMPTIONS from taxes here? Just so they can feign inde­pen­dence? If they want to do this, it’s WONDERFUL, I love the idea, but sir, it should be TAXED, this com­munity is so broke it’s scary!
            The truth is, they’re NOT inde­pendent, they’re NOT Christian, they run a political lobby out of DC that is ALSO bought and operated on the backs of local property owners and tax­payers:
            Charity fraud is the #1 reason there’s problems in this country, and the 501©3 the college operates on is a CHARITY status! Yet local kids can’t use their FASFA and get a decent edu­cation? How fair is that?
            Every­thing about them RIPS OFF this com­munity, yet they can’t keep their greedy hands off our gov­ernment here! They want REPRESENTATION, but they don’t want to have to chip in to the TAXATION, it’s a very UnAmerican way to act.
            I get it that you think it’s a political dis­tinction in reading this, but sir, I’m so not political it’s ridiculous! But this is college endorsed and out­lined SOCIOPATHIC BEHAVIOR, plain and simple!
            To have com­plete dis­regard for human beings and teach that as a model behavior? That’s the type of thinking that caused some of the greatest con­flicts of our world.
            Ethics alone can note that while select few hoard wealth, the country can’t operate, who is going to pay for it to BE a country under those cir­cum­stances? The college mumbles about the “unwashed masses” not invading their pristine teachings, but then whines that there’s a gen­er­a­tional trash factor in the youth of this country, but this type of thinking is why sir!
            You can’t TEACH SLEAZE like some of the tactics done by the college itself do, and dis­regard for other human beings and not have it take a huge toll on the future.
            When all the wealth is hoarded up in some creepy guy (Koch)‘s per­sonal bank account, and he “wins”, who loses sir? YOU. Honest people who work for a living. Koch has more TAX EXEMPT orga­ni­za­tions that anyone in the country, he’s not paying in at all! Yet he’s a player in buying his voice into pol­itics to get more?
            His father made that money by part­nering up with STALIN sir! The man who made that money of the blood of mil­lions of innocent human beings he slaugh­tered. And that’s the type of thinking that runs this country, and this college?
            It’s wrong to me, but I believe that if the masses want it, fine, that’s the way it is, but I’m still entitled to that opinion, so far, so I’m going to say as much!
            I hope that next time you come to town, you come into the city and county, go for drives, look around. There’s 46,000 people living here who finan­cially support the college, and its OUR TAXES building that 28 million dollar church that their own student noted could have bought a private island, yet would be more sen­sibly spent on dorms. Some of the housing is so nasty that it’s like slums, my cousin ran Junior Civitan con­fer­ences there for like 25 years, and had to move it to another college because it was dis­gusting, they didn’t want the kids exposed to such slummy con­di­tions!
            If you want to see the REAL Hillsdale College, you’d have to look beyond the image they market and know the damage they cause, and how deeply they dis­regard human beings for profit and power in Wash­ington DC.
            They’re a lobby sir. Plain and simple.
            I’m not sure what Bible they THINK they’re teaching out of, but I think they slander Christ to dare use HIM as a means of pushing greed and people hating like they do!
            That is who they follow, a men­tally ill woman who grew up under Stalin’s regime and knew nothing about spir­i­tu­ality. All she knew is repression, and the desire to have better, and that model was Stalin for her.
            She failed as an actress in Hol­lywood and stated her view that people who believed in Christ were ridiculous because in HER view, he was a MYTH.
            Alan Greenspan, the former Fed Chair helped her write Atlas Shrugged, he was privy to all of it in her “inner circle” and as you know, he’s respon­sible for the worst col­lapse this economy saw in a gen­er­ation.
            Greed isn’t good, it’s ruined our country many times in the past. Wolfram can pos­tulate about all­lllll the eco­nomic the­ories he wants, but the only pros­perous times America saw was the post WWII era, when social pro­grams brought people out of poverty and built the middle class up so they could create jobs.
            Wolfram fancies himself to be John Galt, which would be hilarious to watch if he were just doing it to the COLLEGE and not taking his show on the road into our political system and ruining our state and local economy.
            They did an insider trade scheme to the hos­pital, putting the TAXPAYERS on the line for a long term million dollar losing facility that was pros­e­cuted last year and pled guilty to Secu­rities Fraud. That’s your money they play with here by the mil­lions in losses here sir, USDA RECD is federal!
            This is Gary’s real work, to corrupt other “appointees” and advise them to just pretend they didn’t know, plau­sible deni­a­bility while they cost our com­munity so many mil­lions that tax­payers would go into shock to know the truth! They SOLD the hos­pital TO the hos­pital using tax money! They set the price, paid that price, yet the loan is tax funds and now we have a lien on a failing endeavor? They changed the name, formed a new foun­dation and applied for the loan perhaps not telling the feds of the pros­e­cution. Inten­tional defrauding of your taxes is of great concern sir, don’t you think?
            There’s this clown who not only rewrites STATE law, con­tract law is federal, the no bid process robs fair market com­pe­tition and even the federal court system made case law that our local com­mis­sioner thinks he can do BETTER than?
            Then they were after public util­ities?
            If they did it on the up and up, who cares, it’s the sleazy under­handed back door hand­shake deals of people who are NOT elected offi­cials (like Wolfram isn’t) that are buying off those we vote in to create cash playing monopoly with TAX funds! They cost us mil­lions, it’s shameful to stand silently by and watch it and not say a thing or stop them, but the college just acts like they’re entitled to wreck the com­munity, in ADDITION to not paying into its well being.
            What destroys com­mu­nities can also be the thing that builds them. If we all agreed, life would be a big ol’ BORE!
            But there’s bigger issues around here than just a political concern, there’s the very integrity of the system, the safety and well being of children, even the senior center has been known to have slezy stuff go on that ended up in the Supreme Court!
            It’s wrong. It’s not stopping and just getting worse the longer its ignored and made into some “us vs them” political blame game.
            Common sense needs to make a comeback, before our country is ruled by Csars, which I’m pretty sure Soros, Koch, Gates, and others already have us in the grips of.
            That can’t be what you think is fair, as a man who works for a living and pays his fair share and likely the share for the college and Wolfram too!
            They hit everyone’s checks, except their own!

      • Sy Weiner

        What is Xian ? I was taught by Jesuit pro­fessors in a Catholic setting but that was a dif­ferent but I also learned Talmud and Midrash Maybe I am just an old geezer CCNY 1956 Thanks for your concern. BTW Duke has a very beau­tiful chapel as we as Norte Dam and Fordham and the­ology classes are optional But my fellow . Jews think I am nuts because as Michael Medved said Jews have a reflexive hatred of Chris­tianity because of the ghastly history.But this is the 21 century Also most Jewish kids a reli­giously illit­erate and do want the Harvard and MIT impri­matur even though they can be much weaker in the dying art of the liberal arts, that is the human­ities Sorry for the bab­bling brook post

        • Jen­nifer Melfi

          shorthand for christian — I don’t think that anyone is saying that classes cov­ering reli­gious and the­o­logical tra­di­tions are unwanted — nor that the school shouldn’t have a chapel. These become issues due to the fol­lowing: 1) It’s one thing to teach religion from a con­ser­v­ative, but tech­ni­cally “unbiased” position. It’s entirely dif­ferent to teach these things from the position of a christian school. When a school adopts a reli­gious tra­dition, it makes it more dif­ficult for faculty and stu­dents to hon­estly cri­tique and assess the subject matter — there are gen­erally real con­se­quences for vio­lating the new “official position”. 2) The school already has the college baptist church that can be used as a chapel and func­tionally for events that the school has. Adding another “christ” chapel when there are several other aca­demic depart­ments that could be developed and given more space (com­puter science, graphic design, film studies, entre­pre­neurial activ­ities) just seems to be putting the pri­or­ities in the wrong place. Basi­cally The feeling is that these new activ­ities are done to court donors — the wrong kind of donors who are reli­gious and require uni­formity of action and thought.