Sophomore Beth Demske, junior Megan Michaelis, and senior Laura Crabtree work in the mail room in Grewcock Student Union. On-campus job openings are being pub­lished on Hand­shake, career ser­vices’ online platform. (Photo: Madeline Barry / Col­legian)

Applying for an on-campus job this year will be easy as clicking submit.

The career ser­vices office is working with student employers to sim­plify the job search process through Hand­shake, an online platform where stu­dents can apply for jobs, find intern­ships, and reg­ister for meetings with career ser­vices. The appli­cation aggre­gates available oppor­tu­nities and allows stu­dents to fill out their profile and upload their resume, using a standard form to help streamline applying for numerous posi­tions.

“For stu­dents, Hand­shake enables them to filter and view all on-campus student employment posi­tions, the job descrip­tions, desired skills and respon­si­bil­ities, and who the point of contact is,” John Quint, assistant director of career ser­vices, said via email. “We think having all of this infor­mation in one place will greatly improve the on-campus student employment expe­rience.”

Off-campus employers pre­vi­ously dom­i­nated Handshake’s job listings. Now, stu­dents can browse campus-wide openings from Bon Appétit Man­agement Company, the ath­letic department, mar­keting, and more. They can also see the pay rate and nec­essary job qual­i­fi­ca­tions. Stu­dents may submit their appli­cation right from the website.

“We received an over­whelm­ingly pos­itive response from the faculty and staff as we shared the new process for posting jobs on Hand­shake,” Quint said. “We expect full employer par­tic­i­pation within a few years.”

Many campus employers have already started the switch to Hand­shake. Aaron Tracey, assistant director of special projects in the admis­sions office, hires student ambas­sadors. Although he said using paper resumes was not dif­ficult, it was a system that could be improved.

“Hand­shake is helpful because every­thing is all in one place,” Tracey said. “It’s all digital.”

Having a central appli­cation system stream­lines appli­ca­tions for stu­dents, he added.

“They don’t have to submit all this infor­mation over and over again,” Tracey said. “They just have a profile within Hand­shake, so they can apply for more than one position easier.”

In the past, stu­dents found job oppor­tu­nities through campus-wide emails and fliers and by word-of-mouth.

“Aside from the financial aid office’s efforts, no official process for cre­ating, posting, or mar­keting jobs to stu­dents existed,” Quint said. “As a result, the infor­mation was frac­tured and stu­dents were often­times unaware of the available jobs on-campus.”

With the intro­duction of on-campus job listings to Hand­shake, stu­dents now have access to all available job listings. Stu­dents already employed on campus said they think this switch will make it easier for others to find the best jobs.

“I think it’s great they’re switching over to a stream­lined system,” said sophomore Ryan Kelly Murphy, who works in A.J.’s Café. “In this day and age, it’s harder to keep track of lots of loose papers. When everything’s elec­tronic, it’s more in-line with what our everyday lives are like.”

Hand­shake also has an iPhone appli­cation. But no matter how stu­dents access the system, it should make applying for a job easier, Quint said.

“The addition of on-campus student employment to Hand­shake should increase the activity and engagement on the platform,” Quint said. “We trust that the stu­dents will pick up Hand­shake quickly, if they haven’t already. They’re more tech-savvy than we are.”

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