Monthly Archives: July 2016

Separated by slavery, united by ‘Homegoing’

Kojo Freeman discovers his wife Anna has disappeared from the free city of Baltimore, along with their youngest child, Baby H. “Everyone had been keeping...

A history of heredity: ‘The Gene’ in review

Embedded in human history, the genome plays an integral part in our identities. The scientists who first studied human heredity moved forward despite rejections,...

‘The BFG’: modern fable with a giant heart

While “The BFG” is light on plot, it's it doesn’t skimp on its cinematography with the $140 million budget allowing for stunning visuals.

The ‘Secret Life Of Pets’: Still A Secret

Despite its title, “Pets” doesn’t depict as much of the everyday secret life of pets as one might expect, and would have been a better movie if it had stuck to playing off viewers’ expectations (and fears) of what their pets normally do when the humans are away.

‘Finding Dory’ And Meeting Her Friends

Viewers who have been looking forward to this since its prequel won’t be disappointed: the original characters characters are back for a new adventure. Finding Dory is worth the wait