Cavuto and FOlsom
Host of “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business Network inter­views Pro­fessor of History Burt Folsom April 11.
Ted Matko | Courtesy

Broad­casted from Hillsdale College, Pro­fessor of History Burt Folsom answered ques­tions from Fox News Channel anchor Neil Cavuto twice in April.
Folsom appeared on Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” April 11 and Fox News Channel’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on April 15. In both inter­views, he dis­cussed topics related to the pres­i­dential primary from a historian’s per­spective.
Folsom filmed the inter­views in Hillsdale College’s studio in the Knorr Student Center, which has the capa­bility to reach all of the major net­works, including Fox, CNN, NBC, ABC, and more.
“Interview-wise we can do any­thing here,” Director of Tech­nical and Media Ser­vices Ted Matko said. “Now we are just working on expanding our con­tacts.”
Folsom held the inter­views in the same room where Hillsdale films its online course lec­tures. On its door, a sign reads, “Quiet!!! Live taping, do not enter or touch the door!!!” The room con­tains a backdrop com­plete with the Hillsdale College logo, a picture of Pres­ident George Wash­ington, and fig­urines of Plato and Socrates. Sitting in front of the backdrop, Folsom wore an ear­piece that allowed him to hear Cavuto’s ques­tions.
Matko super­vised the interview from the control room, where he was in con­tinuous contact with Cavuto’s pro­ducer.
Folsom dis­cussed the sim­i­lar­ities between Pres­ident Andrew Jackson and GOP pres­i­dential front-runner Donald Trump and gave his­torical insights regarding the primary election.
Numerous shows, including the “Glenn Beck Program” and “Fox and Friends,” have invited Folsom for an appearance, his wife, Anita Folsom, said. Burt Folsom said he views each appearance as an oppor­tunity to rep­resent the college.
“It’s a chance to show that we have some­thing very special going on here,” Folsom said.
Several other Hillsdale pro­fessors have appeared on various net­works, including Pro­fessor of Pol­itics Ronald Pestritto, Pro­fessor of Eco­nomics Ivan Pon­gracic, and Pro­fessor of History Brad Birzer.