Some­times our pro­fessors seem sadistic, heaping papers and exams upon us with glee. But our faculty here at Hillsdale are some of the nicest around. They’re even taking steps to help us sort out our sordid love lives.

On Monday at 8 p.m. in the Her­itage Room, Asso­ciate Pro­fessor of English Patricia Bart, Director of Health Ser­vices Brock Lutz, Assistant Dean of Men Jeffrey Rogers, and Kathryn Wales will par­tic­ipate in a panel on Hills­dating.

Hills­dating — if you’re for­tunate enough not to know what the term means — is “a rela­tionship where a guy and a girl who like each other spend every waking moment together but refuse to admit or agree that they are dating,” according to Urban Dic­tionary.

Whether you think Hills­dating is a problem or not, the fact that faculty and staff are taking time out of their evenings to discuss a topic so sig­nif­icant to stu­dents shows just how much they care about us.

So as the semester toughens up even more and sleep comes your way even less, don’t com­plain about how hard pro­fessors make their classes. If you take advantage of their gen­erosity, your load will feel lighter. When you go to office hours to ask for help on a paper or an assignment, don’t try to make your time there as short as pos­sible. Ask them how they’re doing. When they return the question, don’t just spit out the typical “Good, thanks.” It’s OK to tell them you’re strug­gling a bit to com­plete the paper they assigned with every­thing else you have to do. They really do care about how you’re doing.

So thank you, each member of the faculty, for putting up with us, helping us, giving us advice, and getting to know us. Thank you for helping us grow not only intel­lec­tually, but rela­tionally and spir­i­tually. Thank you for viewing us as people and not as a means to a pay­check. Not every college’s student body can say that. Hillsdale College cer­tainly wouldn’t be what it is without you.