The Hospice of Hillsdale will host its 22nd Annual Bow-A-Thon fundraising event on Sat­urday to raise money for its music therapy program. Part of the funds will be directed towards paying the Hospice’s music ther­apist, Erin Brewer.

Hospice of Hillsdale pro­vides care for people and their fam­ilies who are affected by ter­minal ill­nesses. Kitty Aemisegger, director of Hospice of Hillsdale, said that they usually raise $4,000 to $5,000 through this event.

The event is sep­a­rated into two bowling time allot­ments. The first session, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., is hosted by the hospice; the National Honor Society from Hillsdale High School, hospice fam­ilies, vol­unteers, and staff typ­ically bowl their two games at that time. After a group lunch at 12 p.m., the Hillsdale College bas­ketball team hosts the event from 1 – 3 p.m.

Aemisegger said that there are typ­i­cally 8 – 10 teams that par­tic­ipate in the Bowl-A-Thon, and each team typ­i­cally pledges $200. The event also attracts several cor­porate sponsors who pay for the bowling and the pizza lunch. Many local busi­nesses also con­tribute to the fundraising event, some of which include The Udder Side, The Hunt Club, and Checker Records.

“The Hillsdale com­munity is pretty involved in the event,” Aemisegger said, “but we would love to get the College more involved as well.”

Aemisegger said that they are des­ig­nating the funds to the music therapy program because of the dif­ference it has made in the Hospice patients’ lives.

“It’s a min­istry,” Aemisegger said, “All the patients enjoy it immensely.”

Brewer meets with patients who were typ­i­cally referred by a nurse or social worker, and works with them to develop five goals to work towards, whether they are physical, social, cog­nitive or emo­tional.

“I help provide insight and under­standing to patients who des­per­ately need it,” Brewer said, “They are always grateful for the visit.”

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Kaylee McGhee
Kaylee McGhee is a senior at Hillsdale College, majoring in Politics with a minor in Journalism. This is her fourth year writing for the Collegian and she serves as the paper's Opinions Editor. Kaylee worked in Washington D.C. last year and wrote for the Weekly Standard. Her work has also appeared in the Detroit News and the Orange County Register. Follow her on Twitter: @KayleeDMcGhee email: