Hillsdale dancers are organizing an event on Sunday for children in the community to experience dance. Anders Kiledal | Collegian
Hillsdale dancers are orga­nizing an event on Sunday for children in the com­munity to expe­rience dance. Anders Kiledal | Collegian

Hillsdale’s chapter of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts, newly formed in November, is hosting its first phil­an­thropic event Sunday. 

Members of the hon­orary are pre­senting “Dis­cover Dance,” a day of free classes and dance demon­stra­tions, from 10 – 11:30 a.m. on April 30 as an oppor­tunity for children of the com­munity to explore the art form of dance. Children ages 5 – 12 will gather in the Quilhot Black Box in the Sage Center for the Arts for a morning of classes with members of the hon­orary and demon­stra­tions in dif­ferent kinds of dance, such as ballet, tap, and jazz. 

According to junior Pres­ident Priscilla Larson, this event is a way for kids to “just explore dancing a little bit.” 

“This is our new phil­an­thropic event that we’re doing for the hon­orary,” she said. “It’s just kind of a way to serve the com­munity, and help make the com­munity and campus more aware of the com­munity and the dance honorary.” 

Children will be split into two groups of ages 5 – 8 and ages 9 – 12 for a basic dance lesson, taught by members of the honorary. 

“At the end of their class time, they’re going to come together and we’ll have a demon­stration for them,” Larson said. “We’re going to have several girls from the hon­orary give an example of ballet, we have two other girls who want to do jazz demon­stra­tions, and we have another girl who might do a tap demon­stration, just so the kids can see that dance can be many dif­ferent things, and see that dance is more than just one thing.” 

Senior Vice Pres­ident Rachel Watson will be an assistant teacher for the older class and par­tic­ipate in the jazz and modern dance demonstration. 

“We were trying to figure out what we had time for, and figured this would be a good way to be impactful,” she said. “Studio 55 is great, but there’s not really that many oppor­tu­nities for the community.”

Sophomore dancer Annalise Har­rison is in charge of pro­moting and mar­keting this oppor­tunity to the off-campus community.

“Part of being in a given com­munity is to nurture and build rela­tion­ships for mutual growth,” she said. “At Hillsdale College, we have been blessed to be in an insti­tution which values well-being of both soul and body, but rarely do we reach beyond our campus lawn.” 

“This is just a way to say ‘Hey, we really care about you,’” Watson added. “We just want to reach every­where around us, whether it’s at the college or com­munity at large.”