Hillsdale College’s water turned yellow the week of April 6 due to iron deposits, but the water now runs clear.
Breana Noble | Collegian

Discolored water occurring in Hillsdale College’s water systems the week of March 6 was due to non-harmful iron deposits, Board of Public Utilities Director Mike Barber said.
“When a water system is shocked by turbulence, the iron can be loosened and put back into suspension,” Barber said in an email. “Staining could occur if the water was used for washing clothing.”
The system was flushed to reduce the impact of the iron deposits and help return the water to a normal color. Barber said the water was always within requirements set by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and that the water was not dangerous.
“Though there may be an unusual taste to the water due to the iron in suspension, there was never a danger to the population if consumed,” Barber said.
He added that running the tap will typically clear the water of discoloration and refresh the system, but that it took a long time to completely purge the water because of how much water was affected.