Cascarelli’s Pizza, Homer

Cascarelli’s is in Homer, about half an hour away, but well worth the drive. Not only does it make their pizzas right in front of the cus­tomer in a giant metal oven, but they also put so many top­pings on each pizza that it might be nec­essary to eat it with a fork. Cascarelli’s also prides itself on offering a wide selection of Michigan craft beers and for having Pabst Blue Ribbon on tap.

The atmos­phere is inviting and somewhat rem­i­niscent of a 1930s movie set. There’s also free Wi-Fi. Pricing is fair ($13-$18 dollars for a pizza), and the service friendly. Perhaps not the most acces­sible pizza place in the greater Hillsdale area, but cer­tainly the best.


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