Blue Hat Coffee, Cold­water

Blue Hat Coffee stood out because of its emphasis on the quality and flavor of the coffee in a lovely setting, which creates an expe­rience well worth the drive to Cold­water. Besides, the prices are more than rea­sonable for the product. Large brewed coffees are $2.35, and medium mac­chiatos are $3.65.

The espresso is full and fla­vorful, and the mac­chiato is a perfect com­bi­nation of milk and espresso. The balance and purity of the mac­chiato demon­strates devotion to excel­lence in roasting coffee and the mastery of extraction tech­nique.

The brewed coffee, an Ethiopian Yir­gacheffe, tastes like blue­berries with a dry body and a clean finish with some acidity bal­anced with sweetness. It was a pleasure to drink, as coffee ought to be.

The baristas are helpful, explaining the various drinks and many fla­vorings they offer. Blue Hat also offers almond and soy milk options. Whole-bean coffee, roasted on-site, is also available so you can make Blue Hat at home.

The emphasis at Blue Hat is cer­tainly on the coffee, but they also serve soups, sand­wiches, and desserts. The cherry pie tastes like it was made at home because it was: The owners of Blue Hat live upstairs.

Blue Hat Coffee focuses on friendly service and full flavor, and the coffee itself is the main pri­ority. Blue Hat’s coffee simply shines in a world of over­priced, cheap, fla­vorless, and arti­fi­cially-fla­vored coffee.


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