Lane 17, Hillsdale

Hillsdale’s best burger is as humble as the restaurant it resides in. Located inside Hillsdale Lanes bowling alley, Lane 17 is a modest sports pub serving tra­di­tional bar food with American beers on tap. While the decor is simple — walls filled with beer signs and the occa­sional flat screen tele­vision — it is fitting for the out­standing “Classic Chees­burger” that high­lights the menu.

“The Classic Chees­burger” at Lane 17 appeals to college stu­dents and locals alike with striking appearance, taste, and quality at an affordable price. Cus­tomers can enjoy the one-third of a pound, hand formed, all-beef burger patty, covered in your choice of American, cheddar, pepper jack, or swiss cheese, served on a kaiser roll with a side of chips for a mere $6. In an age of expensive artisan burgers, the “Classic Cheese­burger” stands out with excep­tional taste and none of the pre­ten­tiousness.

Addi­tional top­pings and options for the burger are limited, which is com­pletely acceptable. This simple burger doesn’t need all the fixings, so they don’t offer them. While the kaiser roll is a suf­fi­cient vessel for the well-done beef patty, the option of enjoying it on a pretzel bun for just 50 cents more should not be ignored. The burger has a fan­tastic taste, but the subtle salt flavors of the pretzel bun tipped it over the edge, making it the perfect sandwich of bar nos­talgia. You can make it a deluxe with onions, lettuce, and tomato for just 40 cents more, or you can add another one-third pound beef patty for just $2 more.

Next time the burger craving hits you, stop by Lane 17 for the “Classic Cheese­burger” on a pretzel bun. And, if you’re not too full, ten frames of bowling.


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