Ryan J. Walsh, a 2009 Hillsdale alumnus, was recently appointed as the Chief Deputy Solicitor General for the State of Wis­consin. Boasting an impressive resume, including a past law clerk position with recently deceased Justice Scalia, Walsh agreed to enter the world of public service.
Walsh cur­rently serves as an asso­ciate attorney of law with Jones Day, a private law firm in Wash­ington D.C., in the Issues and Appeals Section. However, he is ready to leave that all behind and move back to his home state this coming April.
“I had inquired about this new position and I sent my name along,” Walsh said, “but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it at first.”
After being offered the position by Attorney General Brad Schimer, Walsh finally accepted.
“The Attorney and Solicitor Gen­erals are ded­i­cated to defending the laws and to fighting federal over­reach. What made me accept was the real­ization that if I accepted, I would also get to do that,” Walsh said.
Pro­fessor Schlueter, Asso­ciate Pro­fessor of Phi­losophy, who served as a mentor for Ryan during his time at Hillsdale, believes that Walsh has a great sen­si­bility that will aid him greatly in this position.
“Ryan is the whole package,” Schlueter said, “I don’t know of anyone in pol­itics that has what he has.”
Although Walsh had always expressed interest in a future in public service, he had so many other interests and talents that he never acted upon that interest.
When Walsh first came to Hillsdale, he had planned on becoming a writer. That changed after he took a few Con­sti­tu­tional history courses, which made him realize that he wanted to fight for the Con­sti­tution and attend law school.
“Ryan had so many gifts that I couldn’t tell which way he’d go,” Schlueter said.
College Pres­ident Larry Arnn said that he saw a future in public service for Walsh within a minute of knowing him.
“Ryan was a remarkable young man from the beginning.  Now he is mature, yet still young.  He is a talent of a high order, excellent in char­acter and mind,” Arnn said.
Walsh hopes to meet the expec­ta­tions of the Attorney and Solicitor Gen­erals, and serve the people of Wis­consin well. As he moves forward into his new appointment, Walsh realized that the values he had come to cherish during his time at Hillsdale helped set him up for success.
“The liberal arts teach you about your oblig­ation to others, to the public at large, and to other cit­izens.” Walsh said.
During his time at Hillsdale, Walsh was known for having a great zest for life and a desire to learn.
“He was the student that teachers live to teach. He makes our vocation worth it,” Schlueter said.
Walsh looks forward to standing in court on behalf of the state of Wis­consin this coming April. He is antic­i­pating many oppor­tu­nities to tan­gibly change things and rep­resent the people well. The qual­ities and gifts that Walsh pos­sesses have made him an excellent can­didate for the position.
“He is one of the foremost young lawyers in the land.  He is a good man, full of love for justice, law, and freedom,” Arnn said.

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Kaylee McGhee
Kaylee McGhee is a senior at Hillsdale College, majoring in Politics with a minor in Journalism. This is her fourth year writing for the Collegian and she serves as the paper's Opinions Editor. Kaylee worked in Washington D.C. last year and wrote for the Weekly Standard. Her work has also appeared in the Detroit News and the Orange County Register. Follow her on Twitter: @KayleeDMcGhee email: