How would you describe your style?
Classy boho with an emphasis on vintage.

What is your favorite item of clothing?
My Rocky Balboa t-shirt. It’s really soft!

Who is your style inspiration?
Hillary Clinton. Just kidding, I’ve never worn a pantsuit in my life.

What would you consider as your fashion staples?
I actually have five different pairs of glasses that I love choosing for different outfits.

Has your style evolved?
I wear a lot of prints now. I used to be scared of them, but now I just go crazy.

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Katie J. Read
Junior Katie J. Read is the assistant editor for the Culture page of The Hillsdale Collegian. When she's not working in the newsroom or reporting on a story, she's reading either French literature or backlogged feature stories on the Pulitzer prize website. After graduation, she hopes to write feature stories for a large daily paper and invest in a KitchenAid mixer and a puppy.