In response to the last week’s snow­storm, A Few Good Men shoveled and plowed both dri­veways and parking lots  to “see the need, meet the need,” despite the 8 inches of snow.
They sent out groups of stu­dents twice in the past two weeks for to snow­falls that swept through Hillsdale.
A Hillsdale College Goal Program, A Few Good Men reaches out to assist those in need throughout  Hillsdale County.  A special branch of A Few Good Men called Snow Assault Lead Team, or SALT, extends this out­reach and exists solely for emer­gency response to snow­storms.
Four teams headed out into the snow last Wednesday and Thursday  to shovel and plow for com­munity members and local parking lots of out­reach groups like Alpha Omega and the Youth Center.
Sophomore Chief Oper­ating Officer, Dustin Pletan said, “We gen­erally send out two crews for every 3 – 4 inches of snow.”
Last week, with the 8 inches of snow, four crews went out to shovel dri­veways and plow parking lots. This week’s four inches took two crews.
Shov­eling snow is not the only way the club serves the com­munity. A Few Good Men seeks to help members in the com­munity in whatever way pos­sible. Projects range from painting walls, to putting up drywall, to cleaning up yards, to just sitting and spending time with com­munity members.
A Few Good Men is the biggest vol­unteer orga­ni­zation on campus with 75 members divided into nine crews. Each crew makes a weekly com­mitment to one three-hour shift to assist with whatever com­munity members might need for that day.
“The crews have dif­ferent projects that come in from all dif­ferent places in Hillsdale County,” Exec­utive Admin­is­trator sophomore Katie Beemer said. “They pick them up as they are available.”
The club was founded  in 2012 by Ben Holscher ’14 as a group of men in Gal­loway Res­i­dence trying to win a vol­unteer com­pe­tition. Com­munity members hear about A Few Good Men through word of mouth and can call the orga­ni­zation for assis­tance.
Although service is their main goal, A Few Good Men seeks to be a strong presence for rela­tion­ships in the com­munity, Pletan said.
A Few Good Men partners with other out­reach groups in the com­munity, including hospice, senior care centers, Alpha Omega Care Center, and the Humane Society.
“The fact is this county is very eco­nom­i­cally depressed,” Pletan said. “We just try to step in and help out.”
Student vol­un­teers said working through A Few Good Men ben­efits them.
“I think it’s always important to vol­unteer at some capacity,” freshman Josh Pradko said. “A Few Good Men is cool because it is totally, 100 percent student ini­tiated. We are all in charge of our­selves”.
Not only does A Few Good Men reach out to the greater Hillsdale com­munity but the student com­munity, as well. The lead­ership said in order to succeed, the club  works to build peer lead­ership, friendship, and an atmos­phere of service among the stu­dents.
“It’s a workshop in lead­ership that is unri­valed on campus and in the com­munity,” Pletan said. “Stu­dents are given oppor­tu­nities to grow as a person and exercise lead­ership.”
A Few Good Men receives funds for oper­ation through dona­tions and grants from the Hillsdale Com­munity Foun­dation, along with one fundraiser a semester.
“We are trying to be part of the com­munity in such a way that we can even help other people help other people,” Pletan said.

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