A com­mittee of Hillsdale Com­munity Health Center board members, hos­pital admin­is­trators, and com­munity members voted to change their name to Hillsdale Hos­pital in November 2015. A new sign and logo dis­playing the new name were imple­mented Jan. 1.

The name change, however simple, was not in haste.

“We were required by charters to seek a cor­po­ration of directors, a board of trustees, and members, to either sell the hos­pital or change the name,” Jeremiah Hod­shire, Director of Orga­ni­za­tional Business Devel­opment at Hillsdale Hos­pital and a 1999 Hillsdale College graduate, explained.

Hod­shire said the idea had been played with for about 12 years, and the com­mittee met reg­u­larly for the past year and a half. Hod­shire said that the com­mittee sought to be “thorough and exhaustive,” even seeking the assis­tance of stu­dents in the Hillsdale College Mar­keting Department to survey the com­munity.

Judy Gabriele, Director of Devel­opment at the Hillsdale Hos­pital, said the com­munity responded pos­i­tively to the change.

“People have said that they have always called it Hillsdale Hospital…I have not seen any neg­a­tivity what­soever,” Gabriele said.

Hod­shire con­curred, calling the name change “truly in alignment” both with what the com­munity knows the insti­tution to be and with what their ser­vices offer.

In the hospital’s press release on the issue, CEO and Pres­ident of Hillsdale Hos­pital Duke Anderson said, “Our long­standing mission is to provide quality, com­pas­sionate healthcare throughout the com­mu­nities we serve. We’ve ful­filled this through con­stantly improving our tech­nology, ser­vices and by embracing growth. Now our name better suits what we’ve become.”

Gabriele said the hos­pital was afraid that other com­mu­nities saw the Hillsdale Com­munity Health Center as a clinic, but also said the hospital’s ser­vices include more than what a clinic offers. These ser­vices include women’s health, cardio pul­monary care, reha­bil­i­tation, and bariatric surgery, among other high ‑caliber health ser­vices.

As Hod­shire explained, the Hillsdale Com­munity Health Center did not want to get con­fused with the Fed­erally Qual­ified Health Center on Car­leton Road. Hod­shire expressed that the Hillsdale Com­munity Health Center itself had, and “grown to far capac­ities;” they nat­u­rally sought a name that cap­tured the fullness of their abil­ities.

2015 was fitting for a name change because it was the hospital’s cen­tennial anniversary.

Leaving behind the slogan, “Large enough to be of service…small enough to care,” and taking on, “Caring. Com­mitment. Com­munity,” Gabriele said the hospital’s values will not change.

“I think with all three words it describes us,” Gabriele said. “We are caring, we are com­mitted to what we do, and we are com­mitted to our com­munity. It shows a lot about who we are and what we do.”

Freshman Andres Torres, a Hillsdale Hos­pital vol­unteer, said the name change was “mostly a name thing…everyone has been calling it that, even before it was official.”

Other than the excitement of a new name tag, Torres believes that every­thing will remain the same. Hod­shire con­firmed that no admin­is­trative aspects will change at the hos­pital, and that nothing will change in regards to prices for ser­vices.

“It is simply just a name change,” he said.