After failing to appear at pre-trial hearings in both dis­trict and circuit courts this week, police con­sider Jason Hawkins of Litch­field a fugitive. War­rants from both dis­trict and circuit courts have been issued for his arrest.

Hawkins faces several charges: assault with intent to do great bodily harm, assault with a dan­gerous weapon, and domestic vio­lence in dis­trict court; pos­session of metham­phet­a­mines in circuit court. Hawkins has spent much of his adult life in prison. As a habitual offender, he could face up to life in prison, according to the Hillsdale Daily News.

Hawkins remains at large, and is con­sidered dan­gerous. He was last reported to be staying in the Litch­field area, according to the Hillsdale Daily News. Any infor­mation on Hawkins’ where­abouts should be reported to the police.

Hawkins was arrested with his girl­friend Tera Krchmar for pos­session of metham­phet­amine on Jan. 6 by Hillsdale City Police at Krchmar’s home in Hillsdale Mobile Village. Both have since appeared in court, and are now out on bond: Krchmer remains in reha­bil­i­tation, Hawkins’ where­abouts are unknown.

“I did not know he was living there until the day they arrested him,” Hillsdale Mobile Village employee Jerry Gustley told the Col­legian. “They came in with about five cop cars. He had a knife sheath on his side — the knife was not in it.”

According to Krchmar’s sister-in-law, Gerri Osmun, Krchmar’s life became dif­ficult after her pre­vious longtime boyfriend and father of her two children died allegedly of a heroin overdose last summer.

“Tera’s not had an easy life. She used to be really happy,” Osmun said. “She’s a good person. Just because she’s going through this doesn’t make her a bad person. She got caught up with this person after a bad expe­rience.”

According to Osmun, Krchmar moved in at Hillsdale Mobile Village after meeting Hawkins during reha­bil­i­tation at Hope House Com­munity Pre­vention and Treatment Ser­vices last summer.

“When they first moved in, we talked with her parents. I told her that if she needed any­thing, just to let me know,” Tina Lindsey, Krchmer’s next-door neighbor told the Col­legian. “She kind of locked herself away. Hon­estly, I didn’t know they were doing what they were doing.”

While Krchmer and Hawkins did not interact much with their neighbors, they did often have company.

According to another neighbor Beverly Willardo, Krchmer’s family was very sup­portive and came often to visit, helping her remodel her home.

“The parents, her family — they were excep­tional,” Willardo said. “We’ve seen the rages she had with them. I can’t believe the hell those people went through.”

“My heart breaks for her family,” Willardo added, with tears in her eyes. “I know what they’re going through. I lost my own great grand­children to drugs. I know what it’s like.”