The Shake­speare in the Arb pro­duction of “Macbeth” now has a cast and music.

The play, which will show the weekend of April 15 – 17, will be scored by sophomore Quentin Herman. The directors, seniors Faith Liu and Daniel Negri, have gathered a cast of stu­dents, alumni, and pro­fessors for a con­ven­tional staging accented by Herman’s original music. Alumnus Joe Banovetz ’15 will star as the titular char­acter driven by ambition and prophecy to bloody deeds. Senior Kendall Karpack will play his dom­i­nating wife. Senior Dominic Restuccia will portray Malcolm, and junior Shelby Ripley will take the role of Macduff.

“We’re just waiting on one or two parts from pro­fessors,” Negri said. “We’re waiting to hear back from them.”

The cast pos­sesses varied theater expe­rience. A few, including Liu, are cur­rently rehearsing the Tower Players’ pro­duction of “Mother Courage and Her Children.” Though Shake­speare in the Arb prepa­ra­tions are ongoing, rehearsals for “Macbeth” will only begin in earnest after “Mother Courage and Her Children” strikes.

“We have a really exciting cast,” Liu said. “We have a lot of people who have done a lot of theater before and we also have a lot of people who have never done theater before. So there’s work to be done, but we’re really excited.”

The directors said that with the help of senior Megan Scott as stage manager (a Shake­speare in the Arb first), they are meeting with the cast weekly to check on script mem­o­rization, char­acter process, and other prepa­ra­tions.

Con­strained by limited time and resources, Negri and Liu said they opted for a tra­di­tional design inter­pre­tation of the work, and are relying on Herman’s music to create a dis­tinctive feel.

“He’s arranging for a brass choir, which is more than we’ve ever really had in a Shake­speare in the Arb pro­duction,” Liu said. “Which is really, really exciting because we don’t really have the oppor­tunity to create set and lighting atmos­phere. You have to create atmos­phere through other means — other means being tons of amazing music.”