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Pro­fessor of History Paul Moreno is returning to Hillsdale College’s Michigan campus next fall semester after spending several years at the Allan P. Kirby Center for Con­sti­tu­tional Studies and Cit­i­zenship.

Next fall semester, Pro­fessor of History Paul Moreno will return to Hillsdale College after several semesters teaching in Wash­ington, D.C. at the Allan P. Kirby Center for Con­sti­tu­tional Studies and Cit­i­zenship.

Moreno will replace Pro­fessor of Edu­cation Jon Fennell as the Dean of Division III, the social sci­ences. Fennell has held the position since 2009 and is retiring at the end of the aca­demic year.

“As an invet­erate Red Sox fan, Dr. Moreno is emi­nently qual­ified to be dean,” Provost David Whalen said.

“Dr. Moreno is a man of great prin­ciple, char­acter, learning, and devotion to the college, its stu­dents, and its faculty,” Whalen said. “It will be a delight to have him back at Hillsdale. His abil­ities and tem­perament suit him admirably for the duties of division dean.”

Moreno cur­rently serving as the director of aca­demic pro­grams and teaches classes at the Kirby Center.

“I’ve been teaching the WHIP stu­dents, par­tic­i­pating in other Kirby Center events and co-cur­ricular activ­ities, working as a liaison between the Kirby Center and the aca­demic depart­ments back on campus and working with our adjunct faculty here,” Moreno said.

When Moreno returns to campus, he will con­tinue to teach courses in recent U.S. history and the history of American con­sti­tu­tion­alism, in addition to the her­itage sequence core require­ments for freshmen and sopho­mores.

Stu­dents who took classes with Moreno in Wash­ington, D.C. give him rave reviews.

Senior Emily DePangher took Con­sti­tu­tional History of the United States Since 1870 with Moreno during her WHIP semester.

“Dr. Moreno is an excellent com­bi­nation of intel­li­gence, wit, and enthu­siasm,” DePangher said. “Beginning each class dis­cussing current events or his­torical nuances always led to an instructive class time full of his­torical detail as well as broader per­spec­tives.”

“He inspires love of history through his extensive knowledge and the concern he shows for each of his stu­dents,” she said.

In addition to teaching during his time in the nation’s capital, Moreno also com­pleted work on his book, “The American State from the Civil War to New Deal,” pub­lished in 2013. Moreno has pre­vi­ously pub­lished books on affir­mative action and the American labor movement.

Moreno received his bachelor’s degree in history from the State Uni­versity of New York and his master’s degree and doc­torate, both in history, from the Uni­versity of Maryland.

In addition to teaching at the Kirby Center, Moreno has held vis­iting pro­fes­sor­ships at Princeton Uni­versity and the Paris School of Law.

Moreno said he is excited to return to campus and is looking forward to recon­necting with the Hillsdale com­munity in Michigan.

“Apart from seeing more of my freshman daughter, Judy, I’m most looking forward to seeing old friends again,” Moreno said.

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