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Broad Street Downtown Market and Tavern will be adding a student planning team to plan and host events for Thursday nights in the Under­ground. The team will be com­posed of at least five Hillsdale College stu­dents who will col­lab­orate to create a wide variety of events for stu­dents of all ages. Events will be held on Thursday nights; an ideal choice for Broad Street because of its avail­ability, but Friday and Sat­urday night events are also likely.

In the past, oppor­tu­nities for Hillsdale stu­dents to get involved with local busi­nesses were limited, Career Ser­vices assistant director John Quint said. Within the past year, a desire for student involvement arose in Broad Street, which Quint noticed. Broad Street’s Under­ground brimmed with pos­si­bil­ities; it included an acces­sible bar, spa­cious open floor, and stage.

“The man­agement staff of Broad Street is just there for support,” Quint said. “They want college stu­dents to have a sense of own­ership in the Under­ground.”

This means Broad Street is offering stu­dents the chance to expe­rience and practice mar­keting, pro­moting, planning, and hosting events. The com­mittee of stu­dents will also have the dis­cretion as to whether or not they will host 21-and-over events, as well as dis­cretion in choosing how to market and the dates they set for each event, according to Broad Street man­agement.

Limited guidance from the man­agement was a decision made in part by Broad Street enter­tainment manager, Ryan Hudson. Prior to joining Broad Street in Sep­tember, Hudson worked for the Dawn Theatre, a popular spot that has hosted past student events such as Hillsdale Greek Life’s annual Mock Rock. From his expe­rience at the theatre, Hudson saw that student vision was nec­essary if Broad Street was to become better con­nected with the college.

“We need people in tune with what the stu­dents want, and who knows better than stu­dents them­selves?” Hudson said. “The main idea is we want to get stu­dents more involved.”

Broad Street has already made itself available for student employment, but the addition of a student planning team will broaden the involvement of local busi­nesses with the college. One applicant, junior Michael Beley, is opti­mistic about the budding com­mittee. As a finance major and social chair for Sigma Chi, he already has ideas about the events Broad Street could host.

“We could do some­thing for March Madness, the Ken­tucky Derby…and pos­sibly a dance for Valentine’s Day,” Beley said. Beley also said he’d want to host an event for 21-and-over crowd in the form of a beer pong tour­nament. Beley, along with the other appli­cants and the man­agement of Broad Street, look forward to engaging the rest of the college with the com­munity. Final appli­cants were chosen Feb. 1 — names have yet to be released. Broad Street hopes to have its first official student-run event by Feb. 18, but further planning will determine the exact date.