Employees from the Hillsdale Department of Health and  Human Ser­vices part­nered with the Hillsdale Assembly of God church and on Monday to start col­lecting water dona­tions for Flint, Michigan. Dona­tions will be taken to Flint to ease the ongoing water crisis.

Betsy Clark, an employee of the Hillsdale Department of Health and Human Ser­vices, is heading up the project.

“My goal is to have raised 500 cases of water,” she said, “but it would be nice if we got more.”

People can drop off water bottles to the Assembly of God church until Feb­ruary 5. Both gallons of water and water bottles are accepted.

Clark said the plan is to take the water to Flint during the second week of Feb­ruary.

“I want to collect as much as we can collect,” she said, “so if we have to extend it, we will. We just want to get the maximum amount of water.”

Around 25 gallons of water have already been donated.

“They need water,” said Lori Darga, the church sec­retary. “It’s important to help other people. If you have the means and you can do it, it’s important to do it.”

The church is open for col­lection Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Wednesday evenings from 7 to 8:30.

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Jordyn Pair
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