Hillsdale City Council members were caught off guard by an unplanned appointment for the vacant city clerk position pro­posed by Mayor Scott Ses­sions at the council’s Monday meeting.

In last week’s meeting the council decided to review the six resumes sub­mitted for the position, but at the Monday meeting Ses­sions said the can­di­dates were under­qual­ified and pro­posed to appoint the current interim City Clerk and Director of Recre­ation, Michelle Loren, instead.

The council voted against Ses­sions’ city clerk appointment 5 – 2.

“At the last city council meeting I requested the names of your top two appli­cants for the city clerk’s position,” Ses­sions said. “However, after spending a con­sid­erable amount of time reviewing the resumes, I believe none of the can­di­dates possess the nec­essary municipal skills and expe­rience to perform the position. At the Nov. 9 special meeting I will be appointing Michelle Loren, with  council approval, as full-time city clerk.”

Coun­cilman Patrick Flannery was con­cerned that the council’s opinion wasn’t con­sulted regarding the vacant position and that the mayor’s decision derailed the original agenda.

“This has been a com­plete change of how the position was described to us and what we agreed upon,” Flannery said. “I’m also dis­ap­pointed, Mr. Mayor, that you’re appar­ently not going to listen to the council’s input on who we think should be clerk.”

Coun­cilman Bruce Sharp said the scope of the position changed with Ses­sions’ appointment and that adver­tising it as a full-time position would garner more fair results.

“I believe if we would’ve adver­tised this out as a full-time position we would have gotten more appli­cants than we had,” Sharp said. “We need to make sure we do this fairly and give everybody a chance. We want to make sure we do this right, and not just appoint somebody.”

The council voted to repost the adver­tisement as a full-time position and con­tinue taking resumes for another 30 days. Coun­cil­woman Mary Beth Bail and Sally Kinney both voted to appoint Loren as city clerk.

Coun­cil­woman Kinney, whose last night in office was during the meeting, said she voted against the motion to support of Loren’s hard work and expe­rience as interim clerk.

“Michelle has stepped up to the plate numerous times to fill in, and she has run six elec­tions now,” Kinney said. “She’s done an awesome job. I really think we need to look inside first. She knows the job, and I really support her.”

During public comment, Hillsdale res­ident Penny Swan spoke against Mayor Ses­sions’ decision to appoint Loren as city clerk. Swan said she was shocked by the decision, but thankful the council chose to repeal the appointment.

“With the city clerk meeting, I was blown away,” Swan said. “You were going to discuss it, there were six appli­cants, and then boom! You try to appoint somebody tonight. That’s strange to me, I thought, ‘Something’s not right here.’ Thank you guys for having calmer heads, that speaks a lot to open, honest gov­ernment here.”

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Thomas Novelly
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