A Few Good Men will host a pancake fundraiser Sat­urday at 5:30 p.m. at Hillsdale Free Methodist Church.

At con­vo­cation, the orga­ni­zation received the Club of the Year recog­nition after stu­dents nom­i­nated and voted for on-campus groups. Student Fed­er­ation reviewed the finalists for official selection. This GOAL program’s fundraiser is an oppor­tunity for Hillsdale College’s campus and the sur­rounding com­munity to encounter each other over breakfast for dinner and a chance to hear from CEO of Hillsdale’s Com­munity Foun­dation Sharon Bisher and Pres­ident of A Few Good Men junior Jacob Thackston.

“It’s an oppor­tunity for us to raise a little money, but more impor­tantly it’s an oppor­tunity for the com­munity to come together in this way,” Thackston said.

The event is free of cost with a sug­gested donation of $5. Everyone is welcome.

“As an orga­ni­zation, one of the things we pride our­selves on is that we send stu­dents out of the [Hillsdale] bubble and into the com­munity to really do good work there and do work there that isn’t imposing itself onto the com­munity but working with the com­munity,” Thackston said. “A Few Good Pan­cakes is a really good way to show that clearly…It’s a way that we can bring a whole bunch of people from all over, from campus, from city hall, from churches, from non-profits, from Delp Hall down to Simpson, everyone can come together…This is a way in which we can show stu­dents the com­munity that they’re living in that they never really get a good chance to interact with.”