Hillsdale res­ident Wesley Rogers resigned from his position at the Hillsdale Bob Evans plant after the company’s cor­porate office told him to remove the large Con­fed­erate flag he flies from his truck or be fired.

“We believe the flag is offensive to many of our cus­tomers and employees,” Bob Evans spokes­woman Angela Payne said. “We con­cluded that such behavior was con­trary to our cor­porate culture of inclusion and asked the employee to remove the flag while in the parking lot, or to park his truck outside the lot. The employee rejected both options and resigned. ”

Rogers, who could not be reached for comment by the Col­legian, told the Hillsdale Daily News that the plant, located at 200 N Wolcott St., only received one anonymous com­plaint before his man­agers gave him the ulti­matum.

“They said they were doing their best to follow up on a com­plaint, to make [the person who lodged the com­plaint] more com­fortable,” Rogers told the Daily News. “But I wasn’t com­fortable with it. I said ‘it wasn’t coming down, no way.’ Then they showed me the way out.”

According to one of Rogers’s former co-workers, Rogers has been flying the flag since early 2015 without a problem. Now, after Rogers’s res­ig­nation, the plant super­visors announced a new policy change that pro­hibits all employees from flying the flag on company property.

“They made it clear. Whoever flies the Con­fed­erate flag will face ter­mi­nation,” the co-worker told the Daily News. He also said that employees raised the issue and ques­tioned super­visors, but received no expla­nation.

The flag is a rep­re­sen­tation of his Southern her­itage, Rogers said, and not a support of the history critics of the flag say it rep­re­sents.

“They were mis­un­der­standing me,” Rogers told the Daily News. “A lot of people think that it’s racist. It’s not racist; it’s my her­itage. I grew up in the south, in Vir­ginia. It’s been made into a symbol of hate. I’m not hanging it because I’m a racist. I’m hanging it because I’m a South­erner.”

Payne told The Asso­ciated Press that Rogers resigned from a sausage plant in Hillsdale before his job at Bob Evans for refusing to take down his Con­fed­erate flag. Rogers said he isn’t worried about finding a new job.

He told the Daily News that while he needs to support his family, the Bob Evans plant is “not where [he wants] to be,” and he will find work else­where in the country with his work expe­rience.

“I felt like I had the right to express myself,” Rogers told the Daily News.

Since the Emmanuel African Methodist Epis­copal Church mas­sacre in South Car­olina earlier this year, busi­nesses have stopped selling the flag and started pro­hibiting use of the flag on company property. The Michigan Inter­na­tional Speedway sug­gested spec­tators leave their flags at home, and, Inc. and eBay Inc. have removed products asso­ciated with the flag.

Paul Monahan, Hillsdale Bob Evans plant manager, declined to comment and directed the Col­legian to Payne.