Senior Randy Keefe caught the attention of GOP pres­i­dential can­di­dates Donald Trump and Ben Carson over the mid-semester break.

Over fall break, he traveled to Wash­ington, D.C. to work for a con­ference with the Council for National Policy. Several 2016 pres­i­dential can­di­dates — including business mogul Donald Trump, retired brain surgeon Ben Carson, Sen. Rand Paul (R‑Ken.), and former Sen. Rick San­torum (R‑Penn.) — spoke at the con­ference.

Keefe helped run a photo-op at the con­ference, and he impressed both Trump and the Carson cam­paign.

“There were about four hundred people who wanted to get pic­tures with the can­di­dates, and we only had thirty minutes,” Keefe said.

Trump com­pli­mented Randy and the pho­tog­rapher for moving quickly through the line.

“Boy, this guy’s good,” Trump said, according to Keefe. “I ought to hire him.”

Trump’s job offer wasn’t serious, but Keefe still took it as a com­pliment.

He also caught the eye of Ben Carson’s cam­paign manager.

“He offered me a legit­imate job because he was impressed with my effi­ciency,” Keefe said.

Keefe has kept in close contact with Carson’s Michigan team and said he likes the idea of working with a cam­paign.

“I’m not sure if any­thing will come from it, but I’m def­i­nitely keeping my options open,” Keefe said.

Last semester, while par­tic­i­pating in the Wash­ington Hillsdale Internship Program, Keefe interned with the CNP.

“He was always eager to help and lead where there was a need, antic­i­pating what had to be done next,” Exec­utive Director of CNP Bob McEwen said.

Pro­fessor of Law Bob Black­stock said he wasn’t sur­prised Keefe, a “quin­tes­sential Hillsdale student,” caught the eyes of the cam­paigns.

“The stu­dents here take respon­si­bility for their char­acter and for their growth,” Black­stock said. “They self-con­sciously try to grow, and I think that Randy is a full expression of this.”