Anna Timmis | Collegian
Anna Timmis | Col­legian
Anna Timmis | Collegian
Anna Timmis | Col­legian

How would you describe your style?

Louisiana bayou, if it existed in Michigan in the winter. 

Where do you like to shop?

I don’t. I just find things or have people shop for me and piece it together.  

What are your fashion staples?

Wool pants, wife beater tank top, and sandals.

Would you say that your fashion has evolved?

Def­i­nitely. People tend to dress very nicely at Hillsdale, and I would rather rebel against it, rather than be part of some­thing without an identity other than pro­fes­sional.  

What is your favorite fashion piece?

My youth XL Tayshaun Prince Pistons jersey.