Wednesday night, Broad Street Market hosted a book signing cel­e­brating the pub­li­cation of Pro­fessor of History Bradley Birzer’s latest book, “Neil Peart: Cul­tural Reper­cus­sions,” a biog­raphy ana­lyzing the life and con­tri­bu­tions of drummer Neil Peart, the backbone of the pro­gressive rock band Rush.

Faculty, stu­dents, and friends flooded Broad Street Market to give their praises, and discuss Bizer’s work.

For Birzer, Rush rep­re­sents more than a rock group, and Peart in par­ticular occupies a special place in his life.

“I was in detention in 7th grade,” Birzer remembers. “The two other guys I was in detention with knew I liked pro­gressive rock, so they asked me if I had heard of Rush, and I said no. I went out later that day and bought ‘Moving Pic­tures’, and it just clicked. Though I’ve never met him, he is kind of like a big brother figure to me.”

Bizer’s book attempts to offer a more holistic por­trait of Neil Peart. It assesses his overall intel­lectual and cul­tural impact.

“The book is basi­cally an expla­nation of Peart as a writer,” Birzer said. “He has written a number of travel books and some fiction in addition to his lyrics. I tried to tie all of that together to suggest that there is a coherent man of letters behind the drummer. He does so much more.”

While Peart is widely acknowl­edged as one of the most tal­ented and inno­v­ative per­cus­sionists of all time, few are aware of his lit­erary suc­cesses. Peart, in addition to being the primary lyricist for Rush, has pub­lished five books ranging in topics from science fiction to travel memoirs.

Birzer was offered the oppor­tunity to write about his idol while he was on sab­batical last year, living in Col­orado with his family.

Best-selling science fiction author Kevin J. Anderson, friend and pub­licist of Peart, lived nearby.

“When I went to Col­orado, one of my goals was to meet him, and we just hit it off,” Bizer said.

After expressing interest in writing a biog­raphy of Peart, Anderson later approached Birzer to write the piece. Birzer enthu­si­as­ti­cally accepted.

“I guess I’ve been thinking about writing this book since 1981, but I started it last Christmas and fin­ished it in June,” Birzer said.

Birzer has already written several biogra­phies, including works on Tolkien, Charles Carroll, and others scholarly figures. But, as a life-time Rush fan, his new book was a thrill to write.

“It’s not like the typical, scholarly biog­raphy he writes — it’s a lot more per­sonal,” Birzer’s wife, Dedra, said.

Reac­tions at the book signing were all pos­itive.

“It’s great that Brad can write about what he loves,”  said Pro­fessor of Theatre James Brandon. “When you’re an aca­demic, you get into the field because you really love stuff, and you don’t always get to work with it. That he can be a great aca­demic and his­torian, but also delve into some­thing that is an interest and real passion of his — it’s great.”

Lec­turer of History Miles Smith IV agreed: “I’m excited about it. I’m excited to have him back. Dr. Birzer is a scholar who can really tran­scend his dis­ci­pline of history using all sorts of other mythologies that lend them­selves them­selves to music and art.”

Overall, both stu­dents and faculty are glad to have Birzer back on campus, and his new book, “Neil Peart: Cul­tural Reper­cus­sions,” was cer­tainly a labor of love for Birzer. Peart would be proud.

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