Enactus is teaming up with Ad-Liberty Improv Club to bring Hillsdale a competition from the crossroads of entrepreneurship and improvisation.

The competition will be at 7 p.m. on Oct. 28 in Phillips Auditorium. Enactus is selling tickets for $3 in Grewcock Student Union at lunch before the event and $4 at the door.

The competition, hosted by senior Alex Buchmann of Ad-Liberty, will feature six contestants making a sales pitch for a randomly chosen fake product. The clubs will provide each contestant with a slideshow to reference while making a pitch to the audience and four faculty judges.

“There’s a lot of creativity involved, but there’s a lot of salesmanship too,” Enactus President Nicholas Brown said.

The contest does not permit participants to view the slideshow or know about the product they will try to sell before stepping on stage. Judges will evaluate pitches based on business terminology, confidence, cohesiveness, and entertainment value.

Enactus Vice President Abraham Ourth described it as a mixture of ‘Shark Tank’ and ‘American Idol.’

Brown said he came up with the idea after seeing a similar event at a conference several years ago.

Enactus leadership said it hopes the competition will become an annual event that introduces students to Enactus in an entertaining and educational way.