social media

Hillsdale has gone viral.

The college’s mar­keting department released three video mon­tages over the summer which gar­nered nearly 1.15 million views across all social media plat­forms in the department’s cam­paign to expand visual output. The outcome broke pre­vious college video view­ership records with ease.

“The 2015 fiscal year saw a huge improvement in our video pro­duction,” Vice Pres­ident for Mar­keting Matt Schlientz said. “In 2015 we pro­duced 114 videos, com­pared to 12 videos in 2014.”

Hillsdale College’s official YouTube channel now has the largest sub­scriber base of any of the top 100 liberal arts col­leges in the U.S., according to a list from U.S. News & World Report.

All three videos were pro­duced by Cold­water Media, a film con­tractor with which Hillsdale fre­quently works. Cold­water con­tributed alongside Video Content Editor Sam Brown and mar­keting intern Josh Hamilton, among others.

The most popular in the summer series was “America the Beau­tiful,” fea­turing the classic, patriotic song per­formed by the Hillsdale College Choir accom­panied by breath­taking visuals to com­pliment the lyrics.

The video, pub­lished in June, earned over 900,000 views across social media and YouTube and received thou­sands of pos­itive com­ments and likes, but it is only a small part of the department’s ini­tiative to max­imize the college’s visual mar­keting capa­bility.

Two other videos released this summer, “The Freshmen Pledge” and “The Good, The True, The Beau­tiful,” illus­trate a sec­ondary goal of the mar­keting department: increased pro­duction quality.

These videos feature four grad­uates from the class of 2015, chosen for their ability to exem­plify what it means to be a Hillsdale student and explain, in their own words, the purpose and value of a Hillsdale edu­cation.

“We really wanted to capture the story behind what it means to graduate from Hillsdale,” Schlientz said. “We thought these stu­dents were perfect to illus­trate that story.”

Schlientz and the rest of the mar­keting department intend to con­tinue with the rate of output they set in 2015, main­taining the goal of pro­ducing 100 videos within the 2016 fiscal year.

These pro­duc­tions will cover a range of topics from online courses, event recaps, and hol­idays, to special fea­tures similar to “America The Beau­tiful.”

Upcoming clips include an admis­sions video slated to be released in January as well as a general ath­letics montage.

The mar­keting department also wants to connect with stu­dents who would like to be fea­tured in either a video or photo cam­paign. Those inter­ested should visit the mar­keting department, located on the third floor of Moss Hall.