The glow of high-res­o­lution screens now lights up the Wiegand com­puter lab, where eight new iMacs replaced the 26 PCs pre­vi­ously available in the Knorr Student Union.

While Wiegand was once known for its shoddy Internet con­nec­tivity and unre­liable printers, it now boasts com­puters well-equipped for hard-working stu­dents.

“I’m just hoping that people will be happy that there are com­puters there that will be faster and more responsive,” said Infor­mation Tech­nology Ser­vices Gen­er­alist Tom Phillips.

According to Phillips, the school made the decision to upgrade the com­puters in early June, and the machines arrived in August.

Speed is not their only asset. These Macs are equipped with a software called Boot Camp, which allows both Apple and PC oper­ating systems to run.

“It’s obvi­ously a newer lab, so it’s got fresh equipment with good specs,” Phillips said. “This is a dual boot, so you can upload both Mac and Windows, which helps stu­dents who may need both.”

Phillips also spoke of improve­ments made to class­rooms in the basement of Stro­sacker Science Building, where dated machines were also replaced.

Senior Aaron Schreck, who fre­quents Wiegand, said many stu­dents are unaware of the recent update.

“Because it’s this early on in the semester, I think a lot of people don’t know they’re here,” Schreck said.

Before pur­chasing the new tech­nology, Phillips con­ducted a study and found that Wiegand is underused, prompting the department to reduce the number of com­puters by 60 percent when switching to Macs.

The college recycled the PCs, according to ITS Super­visor James Bowen.

Now without an excess of mal­func­tioning, out-of-date com­puters, Wiegand has a lot to offer.

“I think they’re amazing,” Schreck said. “The old com­puters were totally unusable — these ones are incredibly fast.”