Ever wanted to shelf-read your favorite professor’s library? Well now you can, if you can guess which shelf is theirs.

This month, the Mossey Library is hosting a “Match the selfie to the ‘shelfie’” com­pe­tition, where stu­dents can peruse pic­tures of 24 dif­ferent pro­fessors’ book­shelves and guess which prof the books belong to. The most suc­cessful “selfie to shelfie” pairs will win a $20 gift cer­tificate to the campus book­store.

“Some of them do have clues in them,” Public Ser­vices Librarian Brenna Wade said. “Some are easier to determine than others. Some are rather tricky. My office isn’t within the line of sight, but I’ve heard that there’s been a lot of interest.”

Inspired by a project found on Pin­terest, Wade con­tacted faculty and staff over the summer, asking for “shelfie” sub­mis­sions.

“There’s a school in the U.K. that did it, and their tagline was ‘match the selfie to the shelfie,’” Wade said. “I won­dered if I could pull that off.”

Par­tic­i­pating profs sub­mitted photos of book­shelves either from their offices on campus or at home, and Wade assembled them together into an exhibit, now dis­played in the library lobby.

Inter­ested stu­dents can pick up a form at the library and submit their best guesses. The contest is open until 9 a.m. on Sept. 14, when Wade will score the sub­mis­sions and identify the answers on the display.

“It’s a variety of aca­d­emics,” Wade said. “We have all three divi­sions rep­re­sented, and I think 19 dif­ferent depart­ments, including Bishop [Peter] Beckwith and Alesia Aumock with sports studies. I was really excited with the variety.”

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Vivian Hughbanks
Vivian Hughbanks '16 is a Politics and German major from Tennessee. She regularly contributes to School Reform News. She has also been published in The Hill newspaper,, and the Chattanooga Times Free-Press. She hopes to work as a foreign correspondent after graduation. email: | twitter: @vivianhughbanks