Meet Hillsdale’s inter­na­tional stu­dents

Nora Ben Hmieida

   Freshman Nora Ben Hmieida was born in Tripoli, Libya, and moved with her family to Col­orado Springs, Col­orado, seven years ago. She first heard of Hillsdale from her high school teachers, many of whom were Hillsdale grad­uates. She said that she decided to attend Hillsdale because of the focus on clas­sical edu­cation. She is inter­ested in pur­suing bio chem­istry as a major, and speech and German as minors. Ben Hmieida said said her first impression of Hillsdale College is that “It’s very con­ser­v­ative. People respect edu­cation and the pro­fessors care about the stu­dents.”  


Lisa Rippel

Lisa Rippel, a student at the Uni­versity of Saarland in Saar­bruecken, Germany, said she hopes her time at Hillsdale will improve her English.  Both she and fellow student Simon Wenz [fea­tured in next week’s Fea­tures section] are studying to become English teachers in Germany. “I like the idea of the Honor Code, and that we all had to sign it,” Rippel said.