Katrin Gross, from Saar­brueken, Germany, said she wanted to expe­rience American culture before she grad­uated from Uni­versity, where she has two semesters remaining.

“I’m majoring in culture,” she said. “We can choose four sub­jects. I’m taking reli­gious studies, lit­er­ature, newest history, and anthro­pology. Because I’m starting culture, I’m inter­ested in America.”

Gross said she appre­ciated the beauty of the Hillsdale campus. “The nature and the buildings look amazing,” she said.




Erla Sig­ur­jons­dottir said she made the decision to travel from her home in Keflavik, Iceland to Hillsdale so that she could con­tinue swimming as she pursued her college edu­cation. She explained that col­leges in Iceland do not offer varsity sports. “I’ve been swimming since I was six,” Sig­urn­jons­dottir said. “I wanted to go to college and keep swimming. I wasn’t ready to quit.”  She said she finds that the sup­portive com­munity of Hillsdale has helped her to adjust.  “If there’s some­thing you need, there’s always someone you can go to,” she said. “It’s not even people who work here. It’s older stu­dents and team­mates. They reach out and say, ‘if you need some­thing just call me.’”