farm food

By May, Enactus will open an entirely student-run produce market for the com­munity, oper­ating out of Broad­street Downtown Market and funded by private donors.

With the goal of pro­viding farm-fresh, healthy food at affordable prices, Enactus plans to bring a locally-sourced farm produce retail store to the city of Hillsdale. Though the target market will be low-income house­holds, the business will target stu­dents as well.

“Enactus gives stu­dents a direct avenue to entre­pre­neurship,” club Pres­ident senior Nick Brown said. “It’s an oppor­tunity to get your hands dirty and learn about the free market.”

Enactus plans to open their doors after they develop and finalize a business and mar­keting plan.

“This project in par­ticular operates within the overlap of farm eco­nomics and mar­keting essential food­stuffs to low-income buyers,” said Pro­fessor Bob Black­stock, the faculty mod­erator of Enactus. “Stu­dents will have to research the needs of the farmers and the pro­posed cus­tomers, con­struct a business plan to meet those needs, and find resources to implement the plan.”

Stu­dents will organize into three teams: the farm team will have the respon­si­bility of acquiring the food at the right price, the logistics team will plan trans­portation between pro­ducers and the store, and the third team will organize and package the food.

“I want to get some hands-on expe­rience – if we spend enough time planning, we can make a suc­cessful business that’s a real benefit to the com­munity,” said sophomore Alexandra Leonard, a new member of Enactus.

Since the planning phase has just started, stu­dents can still join the project.

“You can fail here,” Brown said. “Therefore, success will be mean­ingful.”

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