Every day, the email inboxes of Hillsdale stu­dents are buried in a mountain of emails announcing campus events and vol­un­teering oppor­tu­nities. But this year, the Student Activ­ities Board and Career Ser­vices are working on cutting the pile of emails down to size.

To con­dense the infor­mation, SAB is emailing a newsletter with a list of campus events every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Career Ser­vices is sending a similar email geared for their ini­tia­tives every Monday.

“When you’re getting 30 emails every day, it’s not likely that you are going to open each one and read them,” SAB member senior Rachael Hille said. “The newsletter makes it so that stu­dents are more likely to read about the dif­ferent events and attend the ones they’re inter­ested in.”

The newsletter results from a survey SAB and the mar­keting department did last semester, asking stu­dents about their pref­erence of com­mu­ni­cation.

“The least pre­ferred form of com­mu­ni­cation was email, and the most pre­ferred form of com­mu­ni­cation was email,” Director of Student Activ­ities Anthony Manno said. “So, then the question was, how do we meet both of these requests?”

The team even­tually settled on a newsletter after ruling out a mobile app. They designed the newsletter after Instagram’s mobile social media feed.

“It sat­isfies the pre­ferred form of com­mu­ni­cation, which was emails, while also cutting down on the number of emails stu­dents receive,” Manno said.

The change is already a success, according to Manno, as the newsletter has an average open rate of about 33 percent.

“Even in the first couple of weeks, I’ve had mul­tiple stu­dents and faculty members who have requested to be included in the newsletter,” Manno said. “We’ve received a very pos­itive response.”

Junior Hannah Fleming praised the new structure.

“The newsletter is much better than several emails every day,” Fleming said. “It’s so much more helpful to have every­thing that is going on in one space. It’s nice to be able to scroll through all the activ­ities going on in the week and choose the ones I’m inter­ested in.”

Career Ser­vices decided to publish an email newsletter as well. The Career Ser­vices newsletter will con­sol­idate mes­sages and notify stu­dents of events, Assistant Director of Career Ser­vices John Quint said.

The newsletter will provide all sorts of infor­mation and emphasize Career Service’s branding that it’s never too early to start planning ahead.

“We want our newsletter to be an infor­ma­tional source that stu­dents can browse through,” Asso­ciate Director of Career Ser­vices Courtney Noonan said. “We spot­light dif­ferent career fields, and have helpful articles, and we even put up a video just because.”

Noonan also hopes to include “employer spot­lights” to high­light jobs and oppor­tu­nities in which stu­dents might have interest.

It “has some­thing for everyone,” Quint said.

The eventual goal is to con­dense all emails sent about events, activ­ities, speeches, exhibits, and per­for­mances into the newsletters.

“We want the newsletter to be the main source of infor­mation for everyone on campus, and we want every activity and department to be included,” Manno said.

This alter­ation is the result of stu­dents taking the time to share their thoughts.

“We want stu­dents to know that this is for them,” Hille said, “and that their feedback is valuable to us.”