It takes thou­sands of hours to master any given dis­ci­pline.

But not everyone, espe­cially Hillsdale stu­dents, can devote such time to their favorite hobbies.

Campus clubs and student orga­ni­za­tions allow stu­dents to engage in the activ­ities they love without for­feiting large amounts of time.

Sophomore Stevan Bennett founded Hillsdale College’s club baseball team this year.

“Whatever you love to do, make time for that,” Bennett said.

Bennett’s team has prac­ticed a few times this year, and will probably only practice a couple more times more during the season. They will play ten games as part of a league in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Asso­ciate Dean of Women Rebekah Dell said stu­dents who lead clubs must solve con­flicts, schedule events, and con­tinue to find inter­ested stu­dents who will help the club flourish.

“The clubs provide excellent oppor­tu­nities for lead­ership and student devel­opment,” Dell said.

She said clubs deepen rela­tion­ships and cul­tivate the love of rigor and of things for their own sake that is so per­vasive at Hillsdale. Through this, both the leaders and the par­tic­i­pants of a club will grow together through their mutual love for that activity.

Starting a club is dif­ficult, but sys­tematic.

According to Director of Student Activ­ities Anthony Manno, an applicant must name the club and ensure that some­thing similar or iden­tical to it does not exist, and then they’ll begin the process to start the club.

The reward makes it worth­while. If the orga­ni­zation doesn’t exist, create it, Bennett said. Cre­ating a club is doable.

“You will be suc­cessful as long as you love what you’re doing,” he said.  “And the people around you love what you’re doing.”

How to start a campus club


  1. Identify the purpose of the club, any asso­ci­ation with a regional or national orga­ni­zation, and its alignment with the college’s mission and Honor Code.
  2. Write bylaws, find faculty advisor, and fill the offices of pres­ident, vice pres­ident, sec­retary, and trea­surer.
  3. Bring the appli­cation to Dean of Women Diane Philipp, if a federal club, or Director of Recre­ational Sports Bradley Kocher, if a sports club.
  4. Philipp or Kocher decide if the club meets the fol­lowing cri­teria:

Appeals to the student body

Follows the college’s purpose

Doesn’t have a similar club on campus

  1. The founder then presents the club to the Student Fed­er­ation to demon­strate the capa­bility of the board and the fea­si­bility of the club.
  2. If approved, the orga­ni­zation receives club status and startup money.


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