Carly Fiorina emerges in second GOP 2016 Debate, Trump remains on top

The top eleven GOP can­di­dates, according to CNN’s most recent poll, debated at Ronald Reagan’s Pres­i­dential Library in Simi Valley, Cal­i­fornia Wednesday evening.

U.S. Open con­cludes

Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic won his second U.S. Open title in New York City Sunday, beating out the leg­endary Swiss Roger Federer.

EU nations tighten borders against migrants

Germany, Hungary, Slo­vakia, Poland, and the Czech Republic have all increased border security against the growing stream of refugees fleeing westward from Syria. European Union leaders agreed Monday to resettle 120,000 asylum seekers throughout Europe.

Con­ser­v­ative Aus­tralian PM ousted

60-year-old former investment banker Malcolm Turnbull took the oath of office as Australia’s Prime Min­ister Tuesday after con­ser­v­ative former Prime Min­ister Tony Abbott’s lead­ership was chal­lenged in a party election for the second time in seven months. Abbott had been in power since 2013.

Michi­gander con­tracts Bubonic Plague

For the first time in Michigan’s public health history, a res­ident of Michigan has con­tracted life-threat­ening bubonic plague, offi­cials con­firmed Monday. The Mar­quette County res­ident con­tracted the disease on a recent trip to Col­orado.